Thursday, February 19, 2009

Puno ng Bayan: CJ Puno for President?

Sticker above was produced and being distributed for free by Bro Bong Raquel.

This is in response to MWBro Puno's call for a moral force to combat corruption in the Philippine government as well as various levels of Philippine society, in a speech given to the Anvil business meeting last month.

"Before speaking to a group of businessmen Wednesday night, the Chief Justice said religious leaders should step forward and act as “moral forces” in “redirecting the destiny” of the country as it was suffering from moral decadence.

"Puno said it was not the legal system that could solve the country’s problems but the moral system. “It is very obvious that the main problem of the country is moral decadence. This is the root cause of the density of power, corruption problem,” Puno told reporters before talking to the Anvil business group at the Ortigas Center in Pasig City.

“You look at it more deeply. You look at it from its various dimensions. That’s why … it’s time for the moral forces of the country to manifest themselves. They should cease to be an invisible force. They should play a dominant role in redirecting the destiny of our people,” he added.

"At the Anvil business group meeting, Puno said the country needed “leaders with moral character.”

"Taking off from the political and ethical teachings of Chinese philosopher Confucius, Puno said the country’s leaders could not afford to lose the people’s faith. “The wisdom of Confucius’ answers speak for themselves. More than economic prosperity, more than military might, government needs the trust of the people in order to govern effectively,” Puno said.

"He said the country’s two EDSA revolutions “are testaments to the lesson that governments that forfeit the trust of the people have unhappy exits.” Puno said a leader should be able to lead by his own example.

"There is thus an unbending obligation on the part of those who lead government to provide its moral ballast. A government that is morally fragile cannot withstand the evils that will buffet it. To be sure, a government afflicted with moral leprosy deserves nothing but the graveyard,” Puno warned.

“We need leaders with moral character. History tells us that people will forgive leaders for lapses in ability but will not forgive those who slip in character. Character is who we are when no one is watching.... our justice system is based on our morality which is based on our spirituality.” he added."

[Quotes from report by Philip Tubeza, Nikko Dizon, Dona Pazzibugan and Christian V. Esguerra from a Philippine Daily Inquirer news item, 01/15/2009.]

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