Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Asleep at the West Gate

By W. Bro. Stephen Dafoe

"How well are we guarding the West Gate?"

This was a question asked by Most Worshipful Brother Dwight L. Smith, in his 1962 book, "Whither are we traveling?" Smith was, at the time, a Past Grand Master and Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Indiana. His book outlined the problems facing the craft four decades ago and if one did not look at the publication date, one would think he was reading a document written only yesterday.

Indeed how well are we guarding the West Gate; that gate through which all men must pass to be admitted to the Masonic Fraternity? Smith felt that Freemasonry was and is a selective organization, but that we were not being very selective in signing petitions to sponsor candidates.

"Whence came the idea that a man - almost any man - has an inherent right to become a Freemason? Is it not a privilege to be conferred upon the worthy?"

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