Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ANCOM 2010: GM Lim Lo Suy's Year End Report


Foremost, congratulations to RW Bro Jun Espino for a well deserved election to the position of Junior Grand Warden. May the Force be With You. Secondly, congratulations to the HOST MASONIC DISTRICT under VW Bro Ofendo Reyes for a very successful AnCom 2010 hosting.

I am pleased to share with you through YouTube the Grand Master's accomplishment report. Our heartfelt gratitude to Bro. Jon Jon Banaag of Jacques de Molay Lodge for the painstaking efforts to ensure the masterly crafted presentation despite time constraints, is completed before the AnCom proper. Thank you too to Bro FCM Rene Casibang & Bro Noble B. Flores of Silanganan Lodge for extending like assistance.

MW Bro Peter Lim Lo Suy was a very hardworking Grand Master. He held office every week of the year at the Grand Lodge and was hands-on in running its affairs. His accomplishments, as well as ours has; in my opinion made a difference.

Consider the over P13 Million budget surplus (income vs. expense) he has left the GLP's coffer; the supplies store net sales income; a whooping P3 M. The Ondoy fund raising has reached over P6 M with 203 brethren receiving a relief of P20,000 each, with excess of over P1.5 M which will go to the GLP's calamity fund to address future contingencies.

The unexpected bonus of them all (not in the grand plan and not in the budget) is the general renovation of the Grand Lodge's Plaridel Temple and its perimeter ground, all in time for our centennial celebrations. We were able to showcase our Grand Lodge to the world. The GM's Night was held in its perimeter grounds and the place was beautifully arrange; tanks to the improvements. The budget for the renovations and repairs was totally "outsourced", and it came from the generosity of the brethren with over P 6 M in donations; and not a cent from the GLP's budget.

Masonic Year 2009 - 2010 was indeed a banner year, a turning point; a milestone in our Grand Lodge's history. We have every reason to celebrate and be proud of. We know that if we bond together, and put aside petty differences and focus on our strength, there are many unimaginable things we can accomplish. For truly, there is strength in numbers!

Together Brethren, we will continue to make a difference!

Bro. Nixon Baban
Cosin 308
Cagayan de Oro City

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