Monday, June 28, 2010

VW Bro Fernando Bautista Drops Working Tools: 24 June 2010


One of the Pillars and foundation of Lincoln Lodge No. 34 and Worthy Bro. VW Fernando Bautista dropped his working tools this morning, past 3:00 am. He is now on that undiscovered country and in the care of the GAOTU, where travelers never return. May he rest in peace.

VW Domzie Lorenzo, PDGL
Secretary 2009
Pinatubo Lodge No.. 52, San Narciso, Zambales
ML Bagong Buhay Lodge No. 17 Cavite City


VWBro Fernando 'Nanding' Baustista is not only a brother to most of us, but also a Dad to countless of Teodoro R Yangco DeMolays & Jobies of Bethel No 1. He was very active in these two young peoples' organisations as well as other Masonic appendant organisations at Lincoln Lodge.

We are all saddened by his demise and we will remember him in our prayers; as well as his surviving family - most of whom are also our brothers in DeMolays & sisters in Jobies.

May he rest in peace in the bosom of God!


Bro Mario Baylon Jr


Whom the heart of man shuts out, sometimes the heart of God takes in, and fences them all round about with silence amid the world's loud in.

My deepest sympathies on the departure of our Very Worshipful Brother Fernando Bautista.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Arnel A. Paynita, PM
Silver Gate/Three Stars Lodge No. 296
Claude H Morisson Lodge No. 747
GGOKCS_SC Southern California
Kimball Chapter, Int'l Order of DeMolay (Advisor)
Hometown: Manila/Ligao Albay, Philippines


FilMasons NSW said...

Most Everlasting and Eternal God Into Thy hands we commend the soul of our beloved and worthy brother Very Worshipful Fernando Bautista.

Manny Amagna Leander
Malolos Lodge 46 PM
Zambales Lodge 103
T.R. Yangco Lodge 351
Justice Alejo Labrador Lodge (charter member)

FilMasons NSW said...

Worshipful Sirs and Brethren,

Please convey our heartfelt condolences to the family of VW Bro Fernando Bautista.

Fraternally & Sincerely,

Kuyang Andrew A. Apostol
SWL :: 283

RmOlano said...

Growing up in Olongapo City I was one of the fortunate who were taken under the wings of many great men of Lincoln Lodge No. 34. Men who later became my Brothers--- he was one of our Troop 5 Boy Scout leaders, he was the installed Senior Warden when I was raised as Master Mason. Brother Nanding was a great man and a legend through the eyes of those who truly treasured his noble deeds to his family, community, and to those of us who were lucky enough to be close by.

"Our Order reminds us of the hourglass
to watch the grains of sand passing through the portal of time.
no matter how many honors and accomplishments each of us achieved
our sand will keep on pouring until nothing is left behind.
The lecture in the second section taught us that the hourglass is not a symbol of time
Further Light and Lessons of the Craft reminds us that unlike time
Life is finite."

So Mote It Be

Ollie Olano