Monday, September 13, 2010

Hiram Awardee and Mason of the Year: 2010


Let us congratulate WBro Reden Infante as Hiram Awardee and WBro Oscar Tence as Mason of the Year; [of] both Suisun Lodge No.55 for 2010.

Together brethren!

Congratulations both. Well deserved.

Bro George B Sebastian


FilMasons NSW said...

My Congratulations to you Kuyang Red and Kuyang Oscar!!!


Andrew A. Apostol
SWL :: 283

FilMasons NSW said...

Congratulations Kuyang Reden @ Oscar for being the recipient of the Hiram Award and Mason of the Year respectively. .

Honestly, you deserve it bro...kudos to you and have a great weekend...

Cris Sta.Maria

FilMasons NSW said...

Congrats to Kuya Reden and Kuya Oscar!!!!!

Rare feat for the two Brethren who are always together in Masonic endeavors.

Always at your Fraternal Service,

Assistant Moderator
Pinoy Masons Yahoo Group

Tamaraw 65 (Mother Lodge)

FilMasons NSW said...

Kuyangs Reden and Oscar,

CONGRATULATIONS to this very important milestone in your Masonic journey!

Well-deserved recognition. Keep it up!


Ralph Laserna, PM
South West Lodge No. 283 F. & A. M.
Silver Gate Three Stars Lodge No. 296 F. & A. M.

FilMasons NSW said...

Kuyang Reden, Kuyang Oscar,

Congratulations! I had no doubt that sooner or later your Masonic deeds will be recognized. Makes this group proud.


Bro Caloy Buzon II
BB 17
Coronado 441