Friday, January 14, 2011

WSFI Meeting 22 Jan 2011 Cancelled


Due to prior commitments of many of our members, and holiday vacations at that, the Widows' Sons Foundation, Inc. [ WSFI ] scheduled January 22, 2011 Annual Board of Trustees, and Annual General Membership meetings to be held in San Diego, California is hereby canceled.

The time and date of reschedule meeting will be posted in later date. Please plan to attend sometime in late spring or early summer. Watch for the PMYG meeting announcement. Thank you.

Sincerely & fraternally,

R.A. Infante, aka "Ka Pula of PMYG", WSFI President


Sublime Benicia Lodge # 5
Suisun Lodge # 55
Gen Douglas MacArthur Lodge #853

"All that WE are, is the Result of what WE have Thought"

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