Thursday, February 10, 2011

EB2EB at the Museum

From left: Kuyang Bert Guiang, Kuyang Marc Laya, Kuyang Johnny Cortez, Kuyang Eppack Serrano, Kuyang Ireneo "Ka Pule2" Goce, Kuyang Dick Perlas (red shirt). Kuyang Roland "Maven" Biscarra, at Kuyang Natz Golla.

Kuha ang litrato sa GBR [Geronimo Berenguer Delos Reyes Jr] Museum, Trece Martirez City.

Salamat mga kapatid,

Kuyang Johnny M. Cortez
Amity::442, GLC

"The Geronimo Berenguer de los Reyes Jr. Foundation's museum and fine arts collection is dedicated to the preservation and display of the finest examples of Philippine related rare books, maps, prints and historical documents. The Foundation has placed special emphasis on the conservation and reproduction for preservation of 19th and early 20tth century photographs of the Philippines. The foundation's goal is to preserve and make this accessible for future generations."

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