Thursday, May 19, 2011

Purple Square and Compass Club

Our club is officially active once again. To all of our members, please wait for further notice of our next meeting.

For the benefit of the brethren, Purple Square and Compass Club is a brotherhood of masons engaged in the practice of law. All legal researchers, paralegals, lawyers and any brods who in one way or the other connected in the legal profession are accepted to join the club.

For inquiries please feel free to ask questions. Please indicate herein your intention to join.

Best regards,

Atty. Glen G Abellon
FD Roosevelt Memorial Lodge No. 81


Anonymous said...


I am currently in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. Im working as a paralegal as I work on getting my credentials as a lawyer here as well. I'm a member of the Philippine Bar. Do you know of any similar lawyer's mason group in Canada, particularly here in Winnipeg that I can join in?

Atty. Amado Alexis Claros

FilMasons NSW said...

Unfortunately I don't. This is the first time I've heard of a Masonic group for lawyers. Have a chat with the local lodges, maybe they can help.


Anonymous said...

to Atty. Amado Alexis Claros,

this is JANET B. SEATON from the philippines . a friend of LUCITA TURALBA and LENY CASEY .
i would like to ask if you still have all my legal documents regarding my MARRIAGE with my husband CHARLES SEATON. it was been said that you had bring the documents with you when you have migrated in canada. it has been 8 yrs then since i ask for a help regarding the said documents. all i need to know if you still have it as it was said. i have been trying to cantact you yet i dont have any access at all. if ever you will be able to read this message you could contact me at +6399482456109. i will be much thankful for any response coming from you.