Monday, May 5, 2008

GLP ANCOM 2008 Most Outstanding Awardees for MY 2007

Brethren, The following has been cited by GLP for outstanding services rendered to Philippine Freemasonry for Masonic Year 2007-2008:

Outstanding Secretaries - Bro. Ali Joseph C. Lloren, Makahambus Lodge #315 and WB Johnson H. Yu, Mencius Lodge # 93

Outstanding Lodge Newsletters - The Trowel, Pagkakaisa Lodge No. 282,Tinig Silanganan, Silangananan Lodge No. 19 and The Trestle Board, Sarangani Lodge # 50

Most Outstanding District Newletter - The Craftsman by Masonic District R3-D (South Nueva Ecija)

Most Outstanding Grand Lodge Inspector - WI Floren Vic Lumo of Davao Lodge # 149

Most Outstanding Lodge - Quezon City Lodge # 122

Most Outstanding Worshipful Master - WB Rogelio D. Gevero

Most Outstanding District - District R XI-A (Davao Del Sur)

Most Oustanding District Grand Lecturer - VW Carlo A. Hilario of Masonic District R XI-A (Davao Del Sur)

Most Outstanding District Deputy Grand Master - VW Rodel Riezl Reyes of District R XI-A (Davao Del Sur)

Most Outstanding Master Masons - WB Juanito G. Espino, Jr., VW Edwin I. Covvera, VW Alfred Li, VW Carlito Puno, VW Eugene Sicat, VW Samuel Laus, VW Santiago Gabionza and WB Danilo Abinoja.

Congratulations to all for a job well done!

(Via email by Bro KENNETH GO TIENG, Jose Rizal Lodge no. 22, District NCR-CGrand Lodge of the Philippines)


FilMasons NSW said...

Worshipful Sirs & Brethren,

Congratualtions to the MY 2007 Awardees!!!


Brother Andrew A. Apostol
South West Lodge #283, National City, California
CL: Chula Vista, California
HT: Cabanatuan City

FilMasons NSW said...


I'd like to know how the awardees are chosen. Who chooses them and what procedure is followed in their
selection? What criteria are used in their selection?

Do lodges have a say in choosing the most outstandingDGL, DDGM and master masons?

I would appreciate being enlightened on these points.

Thank you.

Fraternally yours,

Bro. Chicho Bawagan
Hiram Lodge No. 88

FilMasons NSW said...

Dear Bro. Bawagan,

Every January or February, the Grand Lodge through Edict or Circular ( I'm not sure now) releases the criteria for the GLP Awards.

I'm aware there is an Awards Committee to process and screen all nominees in all fields.

Yes, Lodges can nominate any mason/Lodge/ district they believe are qualified to vie for any of the awards. Nominations are made thru Lodge or District resolution and submitted to the GLP before February 15 of each year.

Hope I am able to substantially answer your question.


Bro. Joji Bulawin
JDML 305

Mike said...

Greetings, Brethren. Thank you for posting this list of awardees. It's great to be informed. I just want to make a few corrections though.

Under the Most Outstanding District, District Deputy Grand Master and District Grand Lecturer, it is District R XI-A (Davao del Sur) and not R IX-A. Also,
AS POSTED:"Most Oustanding District Grand Lecturer - VW Carlito A, Hilario of Masonic District R IX-A (Davao)"
CORRECTION:"VW Carlo A. Hilario...R XI-A..."

Thank you once again.

Bro. Joseph Michael C. Sapaula
Datu Bago Lodge No. 197
MD RXI-A (Davao del Sur)

FilMasons NSW said...

Thanks for the corrections Kuyang Joseph.

FilMasons NSW said...

An anonymous reader commented: "...they do not tolerate such acts that will reflect poorly in your should build competent leaders and not the other way around." [March 25]

Unfortunately, I can not publish anonymous allegations of infidelity. I would suggest the writer document and write a letter to the Lodge and/or the Grand Lodge of the Philippines. It is easy enough to get the address of the Grand Lodge here [see GLP link in the link section].

The commenter rightly commented that such actions harm the organisation as well as the other thousands of those who do the right thing. I appreciate your forthright comments but I believe this is not the right forum to do so, especially for anonymous and unsubstantiated one.

The aim of this blog is to publish events and does not judge or comment as such.

M Baylon