Friday, June 6, 2008

Fallen Brother: Orlando S. Alcantara

We extend to the bereaved family and friends of Brother Orlando S. Alcantara, a member of Pilar Lodge No. 15, retired Fire Chief of Olongapo City:

Our sincerest sympathy in their hour of sorrow.

May he find peace and comfort with TGAOTU.

Masonic funeral services will be given by Unity Lodge No. 285, at Lincoln Masonic Temple in Olongapo City, June 5, 2008.

Until then my brother,Farewell!

Ricardo (Dick) F. Otero, Jr.
Bagong Buhay Lodge # 17, Cavite City
Unity Lodge # 285, Olongapo City
Current Location: Olongapo City

We offer our prayers and commiserations to the family and friends of the late Bro Orlando S. Alcantara. May he rest in peace.

Pinoy Masons Worldwide


FilMasons NSW said...

My sincere sympathy and condolence to the family and friends of our fallen brother Orlando S. Alcantara...

Butch Naval
Southwest Lodge #283
HT: Olongapo City

Anonymous said...

I need to communicate with a Brother of Unity Lodge # 285.

My name is George C. Dow. I was raised in Lincoln Lodge #34 on January 24, 1974. I am currently WM of Jubilee Lodge # 746 in Whiteland, Indiana.

Please e-mail me at
Maraming Salamat

FilMasons NSW said...

WBro George,

I've forwarded your message to our PinoyMasons group and from last email I saw that JW Bro Jerry Azurin responded to your email.


Bro Mario