Monday, June 23, 2008

"Thank You" VWBro Romulo Palacol Alcala, PDDGM

It has pleased the Great Architect of the Universe to call from the shores of time, from the bosom of a beloved family and the society of devoted Brethren, our VWB Romulo Palacol Alcala, PDDGM.

I am sensible that no effort of mine could pay an adequate tribute to the ennobling traits of character which (has ever) distinguished him in all his intercourse and associations with men, more particularly in our Fraternity. Just the same, I will try, as a gesture of thanking him for what I’ve become as a Master Mason (as I am) today.

VW Romy has left to us; who loved and admired him, a name which we will hereafter fondly cherish, so beautifully sublime in its perfect resignation to the will of Providence, to feel “that He doeth all things well.”

We pay tribute to his worth, and will borne him to the grave and will leave him wrapped in his quiet slumbers. We will look upon his tomb, and there, his once active form lies cold and still, robed in the habiliments of the grave; his genial eye is closed, and his hand so wont to grasp our own is still and calm in death; the soul which inspired it has fled; his cheek is no longer flushed with hope and he has no part in anything that is done on earth.

How forcibly this event reminds us that we are but travelers on the stormy ocean of life; and we feel that he has only crossed the ocean of time to another land and a fairer clime, and that his spirit will rise above the din and mists of earth and float amid the sunlight of the Celestial Lodge above.

VW Romy had no doubt excelled in dedicating himself to be respectable in life and in our Craft. He is a kind thoughtful brother who has always displayed an intense interest for the welfare of the Craft. He has practically educated our generation in the knowledge of Freemasonry. He has never failed to assist at every opportunity. He is a highly informed brother, respected, loved and admired throughout the Craft, which in itself is a testimony to his outstanding character.

He tirelessly taught us (about)the floor works and rituals, proper decorum, Masonic principles, laws and jurisprudence, and guided us to grasp the true meaning of what Freemasonry is. He was a vigorous advocate of the true Masonry within us. VW Romy is the epitome of the adage, “The true Mason labors for the benefit of those who are to come after him.”

Thus, go well, our dear Very Worshipful Brother, knowing full well that you have not only fulfilled your "Charge" but you have indeed led it!!!

By Bro. Abner Valenzuela
Pinagsabitan Lodge No. 26
Santa Cruz, Laguna

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Ivan Galarosa said...

May family and I would like to offer our sicerest condolences to the family and friends of VW Romy Alcala, as well as to the brethren of Sierra Madre Lodge #181 and MD RIV-B. Although I never had the privilege of meeting VW Romy personally, my biological brother ('Tol Ian of SML#181) had related stories to me about how dedicated Kuya Romy was to the Fraternity.

He will forever be missed, but will always be remembered!

Bro. Ivan Galarosa
Quezon City Lodge #122