Monday, October 13, 2008

Hagonoy Lodge # 369 Visitation & Fellowship by Bro Pablo C. Duldulao

The venue.

"The wonderful thing about Masonry is it is like a scotch whiskey. As it is aged in an oak barrel into a vintage Blue Label Scotch bourbon, its mellow touch as you take it down so smoothly , allures you to take another gulp again and again.

Yesterday 9 October 2008, we visited Hagonoy Lodge # 369 and attended their October Stated Meeting under the stewardship of Worshipful Master Bro Edwardo Alfonso.

It was during the fellowship hours amidst the just plain face to face talked with the brethren and shoulder to shoulder sway with the "soul" music of Brother Secretary Pedy de la Cruz (Hagonoy Lodge), WB Rene Driz (Matt Monro of Ang Tipolo Lodge), SW Steve Nieves (Frank Sinatra of Mandaluyong Lodge), the sweet voices of WM Roger Panganiban and SW Arnel Querubin (Ang Tipolo Lodge) that created an ecstatic air of brotherhood, a closer bond among the brethren.

The presence of VW Bro Greg "Boy" Alvarez, Past Master; who was my mentor during my initiation days at TM Kalaw Lodge #136, tends me to go back and reminisce that memorable portion of my early experiences with the craft. Kuyang Mario Alvarez is a seasoned diplomat and entertainer.

The visiting brethren are as follows:

WB Rico Castor, PM, King Solomon Lodge #150, charter member, Ang Tipolo Lodge #334
WB Rene Driz, PM, Ang Tipolo Lodge #334
WB Gustav Bocek, PM, Ang Tipolo Lodge #334
WM Roger Panganiban, Ang Tipolo Lodge #334
Bro. Steve Nieves, SW, Mandaluyong Lodge #277
Bro. Angel Domingo, Indang Lodge #115
Bro. J. "Boy" Salvador, Mandaluyong Lodge #277
Bro. Gabriel Lopez, Ang Tipolo Lodge #334
Bro. Arnel Querubin, SW, Ang Tipolo Lodge #334
Bro. Frederick Gomez, JW, Ang Tipolo Lodge #334
Bro. Pablo C. Duldulao, TM Kalaw Lodge #136, dual Ang Tipolo Lodge #334

Cheers to Hagonoy Lodge #369!"

Via email by WBro Gustav Bocek.

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