Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reactivation of Grand Guardian Council IOJD Philippines

Good day Brethren,

I am pleased to announce the reactivation of the Grand Guardian Council of the International Order of Job's Daughters (IOJD) of the Philippines. Dignitaries from the International Supreme Council led by Sis. Marilyn Olson (Supreme Guardian), Bro Bob Clore (Associate Supreme Guardian), and Sis. Lousie Windbiel, PSG (Deputy for the Philippines) were on hand for their official Philippine visitation from October 1-5 and presided over the simple but very solemn ceremony held at the Jose Abad Santos Hall, Plaridel Masonic Temple on Friday morning, October 3, 2008.

Installed as Philippine Grand Guardian – Sis. Nina Aragon, PGG; together with Associate Grand Guardian - WB Dennis Villasenor; Vice Grand Guardian and Grand Secretary – Sis. Jean Austria, PHQ; acting Associate Vice Grand Guardian – WB Roger Zulueta.

The annual Grand Session of the Order of Job's Daughters International (Philippines) is slated in early May 2009 at Olongapo City. Thank you and please join me in congratulating them!


Bro. Tony Limpoco
Batong Buhay Lodge No. 27
District NCR-G Makati City

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International Order of Job's Daughters (IOJD)

"The International Order of Job's Daughters is the ONLY international organization for young women between the ages of 10 and 20 that requires *ALL OF ITS MEMBERS to have a relationship to a Master Mason*, and while it is not part of the Masonic Fraternity, this pre-requisite ties it closely to the Masonic Order.

Job's Daughters International offers the qualities that today's young women want and need from organizations that earn their commitment . . . fun, friendship, helping others, and the chance to learn organizational and leadership skills.

Most importantly, Job's Daughters teaches members about friendship and respect for other people and cultures. Job's Daughters has over 20,000 members in Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Brazil and the United States. As a member, your daughter will have the opportunity to travel and meet girls from other lands.

Job's Daughters has a rich heritage and tradition. Founded by Mrs. Ethel T. Wead Mick, or Mother Mick, as the members affectionately call her, in 1920 to provide an opportunity for young women to work together, to learn about themselves and to help others.

The group takes its name from the Book of Job, and in particular to a reference in the 42nd Chapter that says, "*And in all the land were no women found so fair as the Daughters of Job*."

In general, the Book of Job teaches us a Masonic optimistic lesson - Not to fall in despair; it shows that Masonic ideas are imperishable. We see this exemplified in Job's life. Special emphasis is given to the thoughts that "To Be Fair Is to Do Good" and "Virtue Is a Quality Which Highly Adorns Woman."

Working closely together, daughters will make new friends that will last a lifetime. Throughout the year, they undertake service projects to help our community, the less fortunate, and other charities. They learn leadership. By holding various offices in Job's Daughters, daughters will gain valuable leadership experience, be a part of a team, and learn democratic principles.

Education is very important in Job's Daughters. None of our activities should interfere with schoolwork or home responsibilities. Meetings follow a long tradition of order. The Officers wear traditional Grecian robes, symbols of democracy and equality, provided by the Bethel. Other members wear dresses to meetings. Meetings are held twice a month.

Job's Daughters is a self-governing group. Each Bethel elects an Honored Queen and the Officers to lead them for a six-month term. The Queen and Officers help to run the group and take care of business such as keeping track of finances, planning events like fund raising, social and fun activities, all with the guidance of adult volunteers and master masons.

To become a Job's Daughter does not involve an embarrassing ritual or test of courage. Initiations are solemn, meaningful ceremonies presented by Bethel Officers. Parents are welcome at initiations and all of the meetings. For more information on how your daughter can benefit from this excellent organization or how you can create or sponsor a Job's Daughters organization in your lodges, districts, or temples, please get in touch with :

*Sister Nina Aragon, incumbent Grand Guardian* Grand Guardian Council Philippines

*Sister Melcie Gatcho, Bethel Guardian* *Bethel** 22 Manila* Plaridel Masonic Temple 1440 San Marcelino St., City of Manila.

(Moderator's note: Mobile numbers ommitted for private reasons. Please contact the above sisters in writing or in person at the Plaridel Masonic Temple.)

To be a member of Job's Daughters is to be part of a group that promotes friendship among young women and confidence in themselves. As a member, daughters will learn skills that will help you throughout your life. Your daughter will become part of an organization that serves the community. Most importantly, you will have fun."

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