Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Grand Lodge Idol: 6 Dec

Greetings Brethren:

If you belong to other yahoo groups, please forward Grand Lodge Poster attached to emails or ask them to visit http://luzonlodge57.weebly.com/grand-lodge-idol.html2.

There will be meetings for the first week of the month for the NCR district, some of our members will attend the respective meetings. You can hook up with them to accompany and promote the GLP idol this December 06 2008.

Dalisay 14 7:00 PM 1st Tue Kuya Paul

Kasilawan 77 7:00 PM 1st Tue Kuya Alex

Jose Rizal 22 7:00 PM 1st Wed Kuya Glenn

Saigon 188 6:00 PM 1st Wed Kuya Danny

Hiram 88 6:00 PM 1st Fri Kuya Marco

Noli Me Tangere 42 5:00 PM 1st Sat Kuya Marco

Labong 5:00 PM 1st Sat Kuya Jun Raz

Fraternally yours,

Bro. Paul V. Santos Estrella
As the title implies, theGrand Lodge Idol is a singing contest for all GLP Master Masons in good standing. To enter, each contestant must prepare at least two songs and pay the PHP1,000.00 registration fee.

The ten finalists will compete at the Big Night of the GLP idol at the Plaridel Masonic Temple, Aguinaldo Hall at 7:00 PM, 6 December 2008. If there are more than ten constestants who have registered, an elimination round will be conducted prior to the Big Night to determine the top 10 finalists otherwise all will compete in the finals.

According to the website: "Contestants should bring their own CDs/minus-one, or play their own musical instrument. Professional audio and light equipment will be provided by the organizers.

During the Big Night, there will be an elimination round (1 song per contestant) to determine the top three performers. Criteria for the top three contestants will be based on the number of votes a candidate has accumulated. Judges are present but only to give their critique regarding the performance.

After the elimination round, the top three contestants will again render their chosen song (1 song per contestant). The top Grand Lodge Idol will be chosen based on the number of votes he accumulated. Judges are again present but only to give their critique regarding the performance."

This contest is spearheaded by Luzon Lodge No 57 in cooperation with the lodges of the National Capital Region (NCR) District.

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FilMasons NSW said...

Salamat Kuyang for your post

Paul V. Santos Estrella
Luzon Lodge No 57
Grand Lodge of the Philippines


You are welcome Kuyang and I hope you would have a successful Grand Lodge Idol contest.

Kuyang Moderator