Tuesday, November 4, 2008

J Rizal Lodge, Havana, Cuba: Bro Amb Corsino


23 October 2008

Worshipful Master Francisco Liu
Mt. Kaladias Lodge #91
Dumaguete City

Dear Worshipful Sir,

I would like to inform you and the brethren of Mt. Kaladias Lodge #91 that today I had a meeting with WM Juan Pablo Moret and PWM Pedro Francisco Ugarte of the Jose Rizal Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in Havana, Cuba. (I heard that there was a Jose Rizal Masonic Lodge in Havana shortly after I arrived here, and so, asked my secretary to contact them.)

They were very happy to know that I, the Philippine Ambassador, am a Mason belonging, Bro to a mother lodge under the Grand Lodge of the Philippines. For my part, I was very pleased to find out that their Lodge, founded in 1956, was named after our national hero--a recognition not only of Rizal's greatness but also of his having been a Mason. In fact, they showed me a lodge bulletin which bore Rizal's picture, his brief biography, and his sayings and a full-length poem, "A La Juventud Filipina".

I was also surprised to hear that they have around 400 masonic lodges in Cuba with a membership of almost 40,000, under the Grand Lodge of Cuba. I was told that they would convey to the Grand Master that the Philippine Ambassador is a Mason. Through you, worshipful, perhaps we could also inform the Grand Master of Philippine Masons that the Craft is active in Cuba under their Grand Lodge and there is a Jose Rizal Lodge in Havana. (The lodges here do not have numbers, unlike in RP.)

They have invited me to attend any of their next meetings. I was happy to welcome their invitation. Although everything will be in Spanish, I will endeavor to follow the ritual as conventionally known all over the world and they will also provide me with an interpreter as I would most probably be requested to say a few words to the Cuban brethren.

Please inform our Bro. Hector Villanueva of this development. I have long wanted to communicate with him, but phone communication is almost impossible. May I therefore ask you to provide me with his email address.

Also, please disseminate this information to our Mt. Kaladias brethren.

Sincerely and Fraternally, your Bro,

Ambassador Mac Corsino

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