Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BBL#17 Outreach Program at Tahanan ni Maria

Brethren of Bagong buhay Lodge #17 and All Regular Masons:

I would like to share with you a recent outreach program of Bagong Buhay Lodge #17 headed by WBro. Tony Paulite Jr., Worshipful Master; last Saturday, 30th of May 2009 at Tahanan ni Maria located in Barangay Lantic, Carmona, Cavite. Please see attached pictures captured during the occasion.

The unforgettable moment with the less fortunate and aged residents of Tahanan ni Maria; Brethren, sila ang mga kawangis ng ating Butihing Ina... nasa Tahanan ni Maria!!! They need our aid and assistance.

"Ang Tahanan ni Maria is an aged home and is a nonstock, non profit charitable organization whose vision and mission is to be of service to the elderly, and is committed to provide the basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and health care.

The Foundation was registered on August 30, 1996 by the late Fr. Norberto "Bitoy" Macalintal, SVD. For thirteen years, the home has been ministering to the poor and abandoned elderly accepting referrals from private individuals in cooperation with NGO's and Government Agencies like the DSWD in the different Provinces of Region IV.

The institution now has 60 elderly men and women under their love, care and guidance."

During the coordination with the officials of Tahanan ni Maria one afternoon with my batchmate in Freemasonry, VW Bro Nathaniel "Natz" Golla Sr.; we visited the Bahay Ni Maria for the first time to know what could we do to help the occupants of the aged care facility.

We were hesitant at first to mention our Masonic affiliations knowing that this institution is being managed and run by Catholic priests We didn't like to be rejected if they found out later that we belong to our ancient brotherhood of Freemasonry. We nevertheless proceeded to the site and we were both surprised that the major supporters of the institution are mostly Masons and the caretaker; by the name of Ms Dory Bantatua [Secretary and OJT coordinator] was very happy knowing that we are Masons.

On May 28, 2009, we needed to confirm our visit but no response from the caretaker, this prompted me to try and visit their internet site and googled Tahanan ni Maria to get another contact person; Fr. Efren De Guzman. I texted him and explained our purpose and just a matter of minutes my cellphone rang and Fr. Efren is on the other side. He asked my details and what group I belong to; this time I was confident to answer straight away that I am a Mason and my Lodge is Bagong Buhay Lodge #17. Fr. Efren De Guzman related to me the same story that indeed Masons are major supporters of Tahanan ni Maria.

Customary to the tradition of Tahanan ni Maria, and in collaboration with all residents; they prepared a short program to thank us for our visit. Though not physically fit and able they tried their very best to sing and dance to show their gratitude for our visit... as if saying "BUMALIK NAMAN KAYO".

I would like to appeal to all brethren withersoever dispersed to take a look at the attached pictures and you will see how miserable their situation is. They are truly in need of our aid and assistance. To those who are blessed with so much, to those who have extra resources... and to those who love their NANAY... Share some of your blessings for the benefit of Tahanan ni Maria and its residents.

In behalf of WBro. Antonio Paulite, Worshipful Master of Bagong Buhay Lodge #17; I would like to thank and acknowledge the presence of the brethren from Bagong Buhay Lodge #17 and of their support, namely: VW Bro Claude Ambion, WBro Antonio Paulite, JW Bro Willy Baula, Bro Ariate, Bro Ambion and all the petitioners who have attended this important function of Bagong Buhay Lodge#17.

God Bless Us and All Regular Masons under the Jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines. Mabuhay ang Bagong Buhay Lodge #17!

Bro. Julito "Joey" Bernales
Bagong Buhay Lodge #17
Dasmarinas Lodge #346
Honorary Member:
St. Augustine Lodge #300
La Naval Lodge #269


FilMasons NSW said...

To the brethren of Bagong Buhay Lodge #17 led by WB Tony
Paulite, congratulations for a successful outreach program. More
power. Thank you for sharing this milestone.

On the level,

Bro Elmer Astudillo
WM - Indang Masonic Lodge #115
Masonic District Region IV-A

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ella said...

hi, ella here...just want to ask a favor...can you please text me the contact details for Tahanan ni Maria...my friend kasi would like to celebrate her birthday there on August 23...will really appreciate your reply...thanks so much!