Friday, June 26, 2009

Pinoy Masons California Eyeball Schedules

Above shows the adopted and official Pinoy Masons @ Yahoogroups logo. Designed by WBro George Sebastian with inputs from several brethren.

California Eyeball Schedules:

1. Northern California Eyeball to Eyeball: Contact: WBro George Sebastian

8 August 2009, 10 AM: In conjunction with KASAMA (Kapatiran ng Sacramento/San Joaquin Masons) picnic; Elk Grove Park, Elk Grove, CA. Potluck, RSVP to WBro Sebastian, Bro Albert Caoile or Bro Romy Mabanta.

2. Southern California Eyeball to Eyeball: Contact: Bro Bradpans Francia

29 August 2009, 11 AM: PinoyMasons 2nd Eyeball 2 Eyeball at South Bay Terrace Park, Tooma St San Diego, CA. Potluck or donation, please coordinate with Bro Bradpans for more details.

All other Pinoy Masons are encourage to organise their own regional eyeball and a Grand Eyeball to Eyeball are in the offing.

Note: Southern California Eyeball changed from 22 Aug to 29 Aug.

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