Friday, July 23, 2010

Filipino Travellers Club Abu Dhabi UAE

We have a club here in Abu Dhabi [UAE] composed of Filipino Freemasons in the Philippines from different lodges. We the Filipino Travellers Club in Abu Dhabi meets almost every Thursday each week [before it was first Thursday of the month].

Call me on 0505925299 for more details as we dont have a Lodge near by in Abu Dhabi.
Jonald M. Bejec
Batasan Lodge 381. CMT.
Filipino Travellers Club

Bernie viloria (tel 050 7914487)

Baguio Lodge 67
Filipino Travelers Club, Abu Dhabi


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon. I have been long interested in becoming a freemason. However, being here in the Abu DHabi, I am not quite sure if it is possible to be one, knowing that there is no Lodge here in Abu Dhabi(or is there any?). I would appreciate any help/info that you can provide.
Thank you.
Mardy Evangelista

FilMasons NSW said...

Mardy, My apologies fo rthe tardy reply. I suggest for you to contact BroJonald M Bejec on 0505925299 for more info & further suggestions. If you are going on vacation in the Philippines [I am assuming you are an expat there]; contact a Masonic Lodge nearest your hometown/city.

Mario Baylon Jr, Moderator
Lincoln Lodge No 34 Olongapo City

Anonymous said...

Good Day Sirs. is there any filipino masonic group here in Doha Qatar? i heard about the Qatar Military Lodge #210, is it recognized by UGLE? im interested in joining the craft but i dont know of any pinoy freemason here in Doha.
Thank you.

FilMasons NSW said...

Hi Rudy,

I would suggest for you to contact the members of Qatar Military Lodge #210 & inquire. Most of the time a simple search on Google might provide the answer you're seeking. It is best to contact the 'local' Lodges as rules vary from country to country. If you want to join a particular jurisdiction, just say so & I am sure they will appreciate your honesty.


FilMasons NSW said...

Here is their web link, see Q&A section for more info.

FilMasons NSW said...

Anonymous said...

Good morning!

Sir! May i ask if there is any masonic lodge in dubai?
I am very interested on joining the craft. I'm moving to dubai and i don't know if there is a lodge or any masons that i can contact there. Any help would be appreciated!



FilMasons NSW said...


I don't think there is a Masonic Lodge in Dubai, being a Middle eastern country.

I am sure if there are you can find them on Google or by asking around known Masons.

I am sorry I couldn't be of more help.


Anonymous said...

I am Bro. Cornell Wallace of James R Jones Military Lodge #172 MWPHGL of Oklahoma and its Jurs currently residing in the UAE- Dubai specifically. I am in the process of opening a PHA Lodge here in Dubai and if you are interested, you can reach me at or call me at 0502246747