Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shriners Imperial Council Session 2010

Brethren & all,

It was very memorable day for us Filipino Masons; especially Shriners 
for having our Charter of  the Mabuhay Temple in the Philippines. 

Congratulations to all Nobles & Masons who were instrumental and for making this happen most especially to Noble Ace Espejo, MW Bro Jimmy Gonzales, MW Bro Pablo Ko & all our Nobles from the Philippines who travelled with their wives.

Special thanks to Noble Jonathan Mobo & Johhny Chua & all Canadian brethren for preparing the fellowship of MWBro  Santy Lascano last Saturday in Thornton. CONGRATULA TIONS . 

Hope to see you in the PMAAI National Convention in Las Vegas from 3-6 Sept 2010 in Gold Coast Casino and our guest of honor will be MW Bro Avelino Razon Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines & MW Bro Santy Lascano Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Washington.

Sincerely & fraternally,

Bro.Edward Usita, PM
Angalo # 63 GLP
Jose Rizal # 1172 GLNY
Naomi # 87 GLVA
GS Fajardo # 383 GLP
Maynilad UD GLDC
www.edwardstravel. net

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