Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Filipino Worshipful Masters of MW GLC

Brethren please join me in congratulating the following Filipino Worshipful Masters for the ensuing masonic year. They were duly installed in their respective Oriental Chairs this month and now serving their respective Lodges in San Diego County under the jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of California.

WM Rudy Duero of Southwest Lodge No. 283

WM Heredito Edra of Silvergate Three Stars Lodge No. 296

WM Larry DeVera of Coronado Lodge No. 441

WM Bing Pascua of Lemon Grove Lodge No. 736

WM Cesar Navarro, PM of Claude H. Morisson Lodge No. 747

WM Fil Garcia of Black Mountain Lodge No. 845

By: WBro. Bong Paynita, PM Crossroads Lodge No. 696
San Diego, CA

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FilMasons NSW said...


Congratulations and Best wishes to the newly elected officers in all lodges. The brethren of your lodge have entrusted the leadership to you; may you be found worthy of your calling and a blessing to the Craft.

"in our travel towards the EAST,
we may pass separate ROADS,
but there's always a golden bridge
that spans the river of time & links US."

May it be a true MASONIC year! And Happy Holidays!!!


Bro Joel Porlares
Muog #89 NCR-G
Paranaque City