Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Welcome to the Pinoy Masons Blogazine

This is just one of those sites that tries to "unite" and collate various Pinoy Masons' thoughts and news.

Also included will be links to various Pinoy Masons' web site and blogs.

I have, on my internet Masonic journeys, learn a lot from you my Brethren, and I hope this blogazine will lead you to more knowledge about our craft and our Pinoy brethren around the world.

Feel free to leave a comment or two.

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Pat said...

Good day Kuya!

I'm Pat D. Noel of Iligan Lodge No. 207, Iligan City. I accidentally came across your blog while surfing the net. It's good to know of a brother who take the effort to collate blogs of pinoy masons from all over the world.

I have just started making a blog which generally contains activities of our lodge. And it's a coincidence that we use the same template. :-)

I hope you could add the link to our blog to your site. This is our blogsite http://iliganlodge207-freemason.blogspot.com.

Thank you very much and more power.

May the GAOTU continue to light our path.

Fraternally and sincerely,

Bro. Pat D. Noel