Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Philippine York Rite: Joint Summer Conferral: 11 & 12 April

To All Sir Knights and Companions and All Master Masons Withersoever Dispersed:

By the authority in me vested as the Conferral Director of The Grand York Rite Of The Philippines, I hereby announce the JOINT SUMMER CONFERRAL OF YORK RITE DEGREES this coming two (2) consecutive Saturdays, of April 11th and 12th, 8:00 am, at the Scottish Rite Temple, 1828 Taft Avenue, Manila.

Participating York Rite Bodies are as follows:;

1. Luzon York Rite - Contact Person - SK Companion Antonio Ampil Tuason

2. Manila York Rite - Contact Person - SK & Companion Crispulo M. Fernandez

Arayat (Pampanga) Chapter of R.A.M. - Contact Person -SK & Comp. Nicolo Go

3. V. Floro AR. Memorial York Rite - Contact Person -SK & Comp. Harry Gonzalez

4. Plaridel York Rite - Contact Person - SK Jommel "Bunso" Maranan

5. Pilipinas York Rite - Contact Person - SK & Companion Jovy Magbanua

Please contact above persons for your petition forms and other queries. Attain and learn more Light in Freemasonry.... join the York Rite..

Please forward this e-mail to any groups (like md-ncrg, glp's) or brethren who may be interested.

Fraternally yours,

SK & Companion Danny C. Datu
(Via email: LuzonYorkRite@yahoogroups.com)

Moderator's Note: Personal contact numbers deleted, please use Luzon York Rite Yahoo Groups' email: LuzonYorkRite@yahoogroups.com .

Date of first conferral moved from 5th to 11th April per Bro Kris (see his email at the comment section fo this post).


FilMasons NSW said...

Nice to hear some Companion & Knights re York Rite.

I just hope that Grand York Rite of the Philippines shall have its own website active.

For the information of all Brethren in general, if we try to analyze further the degrees in York Rite, we will find out that the 1st to 2nd to 3rd degrees graduated since there are degrees in York Rite Masonry that should interlink the Blue Degrees culminating to the Royal Arch Degree such that after we have done as EAM, we do not necessarily go to the 2nd degree cause there is a sequence in York Rite degree that should interlink from 1st to the Capitular Degrees.

BTW, I prepared the Past Master Degree ritual under the Grand York Rite Masonry of the Philippines. Grand Recorder Companion & Sir Knight Ike Arrivas and the Most Excellent Grand Master of the Capitular Degree has the imprimatur using the ritual since 1988. It is the playground of Philippine York Rite Masonry. How I wish you would have been the exemplar when you took the degree.

Also we have established Davao York Rite and the regular members are Comp & SK Arrivas and myself. We did the conferral with Charter Members of all the degrees most in short form except those that requires long form.

I pray that you will attain higher York Rite endeavor.

Fraternal regards.

raul sebastian a. laman

Tamaraw 65 (Mother Lodge)
Zobel 202
Beacon 213

FilMasons NSW said...

Companion & Sir Knight Raul, seems like we have the same preference for roles. I, too, enjoy dicussing to Adoniram the theme not lightly to be broached by those who are subject to its power. That and the Principal Sojourner role.

And for the interested brethren who reside near Manila and who wish to see the likes of Hiram Abiff, Adoniram, Zabud and others in rituals that include them in dialogues indeed with GMs Solomon and Hiram of Tyre, we invite you to the York Rite degress conferral to be held at the Scottish Rite Temple this Saturday, April 5, 8am.

We will confer the Chapter and Council degrees, these are the Capitular and Cryptic degrees mentioned by kuya Raul below.

This is a repeat of the previous invitation posted some weeks back.

Come join us brethren, find what the remaining Grand Masters did with the secret after H.A.was buried.We shall be awaiting the pleasure of your sojourn.

Companion & Sir Knight khris
Luzon York Rite

FilMasons NSW said...

Kuya, I suggest York Rite for it is the continuation of the Blue Masonry.

Please take note that Grand Lodge of England defines Masonry as composed of the first three degrees including the Royal Arch Chapter where you can allegorically the Lost Word.

The York Rite is divided into three Bodies, the Chapter, Capitular and the Commandery. its Bodies is independent from each other and has its own degrees.

Clearly you will understand more the Blue Degrees when you study york rite, As a typical example, you will observe in York Rite what actually happen before the tragedy. It is one of the best ritual and I always request to be the principal actor particlarly the pereambulation when HA was discussing the nature of DEATH.

raul s.a. laman

tamaraw 65 (mother lodge)
zobel 202
beacon 213

FilMasons NSW said...

Brethren who have gone through both York and Scottish Rites:
If you are to start over again, which of the two Orders will you endeavor to further your masonic knowledge first?

I am contemplating on petitioning for the York Rite here in Maryland and hopefully after that will be Scottish rite. Any guidance will be appreciated.

Allan M. Lacson, PM
Teikoku 19
Okinawa 118

Anonymous said...

Impressive resume in the York Rite, C&SK Raul. Thanks for the info. I will mention you to C&SK Ike on the weekend.

I was not the exemplar for the Past Master's degree during my batch but I thoroughly enjoy participating during the succeeding conferrals - the
upcoming included, for sure.

Thanks for the greet kuya. I hope to advance some more and indeed so
far, I was assigned the Grand Representative to the York Rite Grand Chapter in Indiana. I have yet to advanmce in the Council and
Commandery ladders.

C&SK khris
Luzon York Rite 1

FilMasons NSW said...

Brother Lacson,

I became a Master Mason in Leonard Wood Lodge No 105 in Angeles City and was forced to leave after Mount Pinatubo.

I am a member of both the Scottish Rite and York Rite and find both to be very excellent. They both spread more light and knowledge. I joined both in 1993 and have, since that time been active in both.

I have presided over one of the bodies in the Scottish Rite and am now Most Illustrious Grand Master of Cryptic Masons in the state of Nevada and an officer in the Grand Commandery.

I have served as head of all three York Rite bodies in Fallon and attend the Lodge of Perfection on a regular basis even though it is a 120 mile round trip to attend. I take part in the conferral of degrees of the Scottish Rite in the annual reunion each October.

As to which I would attend first, it is a matter of personal choice. Some of the degrees in both cover the same ground with a slightly different approach.

Once you are initiated into the orders, it is very important to be as active as possible in them. Otherwise you will not realize the vast potential of knowledge available in both.


John C. Singleton, M.I.G.M

FilMasons NSW said...

Brethren, the York Rite conferral scheduled this Apr 5, Saturday has been moved to Apr 11, Friday. The Chapter and Council degrees conferrals fall on this day.

The Commandery conferrals remain the same on the day following, Apr12,Saturday.

For your guidance.
c&sk khris
Luzon York Rite No.1

FilMasons NSW said...

Bro. Allan,

I'm one of those who have gone through both the York Rite and the Scottish Rite and since you are seeking guidance, my opinion is if I were to start over, I would take the York Rite first: the latter offered a more direct continuation of the 3rd Degree, Ancient Craft Masonry.

I agree with most students of Freemasonry who are of the consensus that the story of the Craft as presented in the 3 degrees is incomplete and that the degrees offered in the York Rite complete the story and answer many of the questions in the mind of the candidate.

Bro. Servando V. Lara
Mabini-Kalaw Lodge No. 195 F.& A.M.
Lipa City, Philippines

FilMasons NSW said...


Let us welcome the members of the new Knights Templar (class name: Twenty Two Templar Lights) coming out from the Joint Summer Conferral.

Some of them are members of this august e-group and some will in due time knock at the door of PinoyMasons EGroup.

Welcome Sir Knights!


AVILA, Joel A. Zapote 29
BISCARRA, Rolando G. Perla Del Oriente 1034
CARIAGA, Alex C. Kakarong 327
DOMINGO, Martin C. Dalisay 14
GARCIA, Juan Arnel Island-Luz-Minerva 5
MANUEL, Joselito C. Malolos 46
MOSQUITO, Teodocio G. Taga-Ilog 79
OFOAEME, Okey H. Sinukuan 16
ONG, Eddie C. F.D.Roosevelt Memorial 81
QUIAMBAO, Beda R. Jr. Biak na Bato 7
RANA, Andrew D. Taga-Ilog 79
RIVERA, Protacio V. Ang Tipolo 334
ROBERTO, Rodrigo B. Taga-Ilog 79
SANTOS , Diosdado R. Jr. Taga-Ilog 79
SON, Mark Byron G. Sierra Madre 181
TAMAYO, Angelo F. F.D.Roosevelt Memorial 81
TORRES, Lyndon D. Bagong Buhay 17
VILLANUEVA, Nelzon P. High 12
WONG, Alger G. Dalisay 14
YU, Ysmael S. M.H. del Pilar 272
ZAMORA, Zidney G. Island-Luz-Minerva 5

Bro Joel Porlares
Far East Commandery No.1