Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sunbro-Airsoft Annual Meeting: 23 April ANCOM 2008

All Sunbro are reminded to attend the 1st Regular Sunbro Annual meeting Wednesday, April 23, 5:00 PM Coco Groove, at the ANCOM 2008 site.

Sunbro collar pins are also available on site. Sun Cellular is an Ancom 2008 Sponsor. So please bring your credit cards Thursday, for Ancom 2008 on site applications and be a Sunbro!

All Airsofters MMs are also invited in the Sunbro meeting as many SBs are players too.

Newsletter of the Year Award - Silanganan Lodge No 19

Congratulations to my ML Silanganan Lodge No 19 for bagging the newsletter of the year award!

I am the IPM (ehem). Kudos to WBro Willy Calinawan and Bro Jonathan Amoroso, editorial managers.

See you!

(Via email by BigBro Jojo Atienza, Dapitan 19, ML Silanganan 19, IPM)

Pinoy Masons Eyeball - Poolside: 23 April 7PM


If you are near the Ancom City tonight, please be reminded of the eyeball at the poolside around 7:00 PM as planned.

(Via email by BRO GERARD T GONZALES GLI PM, Ernesto S. Salas Memorial Lodge #280 Bacolod City, SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM Western Visayas Division Cluster Legal Unit, Bacolod City(034) 709-0880 loc 33809189309766 - SMART09228158017 - SUN)

Have a happy ANCOM 2008 and Pinoy Masons, SunBro and Airsoft eyeball/meeting.

Congratulations to Pinoy Mason WBro Willy Calinawan and Bro Jonathan Amoroso for their editorial prowess. Keep up the excellent work!

Pinoy Masons Worldwide


FilMasons NSW said...

my congratulations to wb willy and the rest of the members of silanganan lodge.

c u thursday.


FilMasons NSW said...

Kudos to WB Willy Calinawan and Bro Jonathan Amoroso, editorial managers.


Brother Andrew A Apostol
South West Lodge #283, National City, California
CL: Frisco, Texas
HT: Cabanatuan City

FilMasons NSW said...

For those who are into airsoft, I would just like to inform you that
my biological brother who is also an EAM of Lodge Perla Del Oriente
No. 1034, SC is into selling of airsoft guns, parts, accessories,
custom aeg.

His shop is located at 79 Maginhawa Street, UP Village, QC.

For more info, you can contact him directly at 0922-889-4411 and
0915-889-4411. His name is Ritchie Go Tieng.

On the level,

Jose Rizal Lodge No. 22, District NCR-C Grand Lodge of the Philippines

JayAshKal said...

Bro Uzi,

Bravo Zulu to Silangan Lodge. Kudos and congratulation pala sa yo Kuyang Willy. Another hat in the feather bro. You must have too much hands in your time too. He he he.
Ang daming accollades; running out of adjectives.

bro bert guiang

JayAshKal said...


What can I say? I can't thank the brethren enough; none of my own words can give it justice. So I thought about a quote that best describes how I feel at the moment, but I decided I was going to quote them all. Here is my way of thanking all the bros who sent me their well-wishes and bravos zulu :

"I am not out to win prizes - that is for horses." - Werner Herzog

"I don't deserve this award, but then, I have arthritis, and I didn't deserve that either." - Jack Benny

and my all-time favorite ...

"Awards are like haemorrhoids; in the end every asshole gets one." - Frederic Raphael

willy "uzi" calinawan

Anonymous said...


raul sebastian a. laman

Tamaraw 65 (Mother Lodge)
Zobel 202
Beacon 213

JayAshKal said...


I know you deserve the BZ not the BS (as in bovine dung), since you are...

"A professional is someone who can do his best work
when he doesn't feel like it."

but of course...

"There are only two people who can tell you the truth about yourself:
An enemy who has lost his temper and a friend who loves you dearly." - Antishenes

Hence,... another Attaboy to you and your lodge.

See you when I see you,
bro bert

Anonymous said...

best wishes to the group - in behalf of the bretheren here at emiratesdubai lodge (club), where i am a grateful guest till the end of the month. happy ANCOM brothers.

dohep guidote
isarog 33 naga city