Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Drug Awareness & Feeding Programs


I would like to share with you pictures during the 2nd Feeding and Drug Awareness Program of Bagong Buhay Lodge No. 17 at Ladislao Diwa Elementary School, Cavite City last March 13, 2009; headed by the Worshipful Master, Bro Antonio Paulite II,in collaboration with Ladislao Diwa Elementary School officials. The beneficiaries of the program includes 250 malnourished school children for the Feeding Program and 500Grade 5 students for the Drug Awareness Program.

The first Feeding Program was conducted last February 13, 2009 at the same school, the beneficiaries of the mentioned program includes 250 malnourished students of the school and 500 Grade 6 pupils for the Drug Awareness Program which was lectured by our very own Brother Ed Hernandez

Julito Z. Bernales
Senior Warden
Bagong Buhay Lodge No. 17
Dasmarinas Lodge No. 346
Honorary Member:
St Augustine Lodge No. 300
La Naval Lodge No. 269

[Moderator's note: Sorry did not receive pictures, never the less congratulations to the officers and members of BagongBuhay Lodge No 17. Incidentally, moderator studied in the same school till Grade 5!]


FilMasons NSW said...

Excellent work to the brethren of Bagong Buhay Lodge no. 17 through the leadership of Worshipful Master Tony Paulite. Hats-off to all of you. Thanks so much Bro SW Bernales for sharing this great accomplishment.

Let's continue cementing the bricks of life through the mortar of brotherly love, relief and truth.

On The Level,

Bro Elmer Astudillo
WM - Indang Masonic Lodge no. 115
Masonic District Region IV-A

FilMasons NSW said...

Congratulations for doing the Charity drive...as some Lodges have done.

"It is not how long you live that counts but it is how you enjoy your life!!!

William Rabara "bradpans" Francia
Pinatubo Lodge #52, San Narciso, Zambales
South West lodge #283, National City, CA
Hometown: Sto Nino San Felipe, Zambales
Current location: San Diego, CA