Monday, March 23, 2009

"Sunshine Visit" to WBro Col Ariel Querubin

Photo showing Bro Ariel Querubin [in yellow t-shirt] posing with the visitors.

16 March 2009 "Sunshine Trip to Bro Col Ariel Querubin"

The first time I heard of WBro Col. Ariel Querubin was about three years ago, during a news flash on the TV with Special Forces WBro Gen. Danilo Lim, and for that incident, the Brothers are currently confined in a military jail. Subsequently now and then, I heard and read things through the media about our Brother Ariel, and mostly from our WM Arnel Querubin, a cousin.
From which my admiration and interest to learn more about him developed and intensified especially when I learned he is with the Craft.

A graduate of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), veteran of countless wars mostly in Mindanao, seriously wounded countless times as a result, and is a recipient of many medals and awards including the most coveted and highest Medal of Valor. According to him, he might be the only active military personnel who have fought against the NPA, MNLF, MILF and the Abu Sayaf.

So on the 14th of March 2009, I jumped in for the chance with the Brethren of Ang Tipolo Lodge No. 334 to pay a visit to our Worthy Brother at Camp Aguinaldo, who has been jailed for almost three years now.

We were introduced to a pious, gentle, calm mannered man completely the opposite of my expectations to that supposedly intimidating personality of a renegade "gung ho" marine, the like of John Wayne. Rather; for five excited hours, behind his melancholic way of expressing his thought, you can feel the intelligence and charisma radiating out of his personality.

WBro Ariel captivated us with heroic stories about his military exploitations, love of God and country and lots of wisdom. To me having a chance talking and listening with an "Officer and a Gentleman", is an honor not a privilege. Also we encountered and talked with the following soldiers confined in the same building: Capt. Ervin Divinagracia [Scout Ranger, Liaison Officer, Philippine Army] and SSG Francisco Bosi Jr. [Force Recon, Philippine Marines].

Sunshine Trip Attendees were: WM Arnel Querubin and family, VWBro Rico Castor, WBro Tab Bocek and family, WBro Roger Panganiban, Bro. Marlon Castor, Bro SW Frederick Gomez, Bro JW P. Duldulao, Bro Erwin Diego (Gonzaga Lodge No. 66) and Petitioner Erwin Quintos. De Molays present were Eric Nieva, Ralph Cocjin and Hanz Bocek.


Bro. P. Duldulao, Junior Warden
Ang Tipolo Lodge No.334

Emailed by WBro. Gustav Joseph O. Bocek
Ang Tipolo Lodge No.334
Batasan Lodge, U.D.
Rizal Bodies, AASR
Lope K. Santos Chapter, Order of DeMolay


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