Friday, May 8, 2009

Discounted Pulmonary Function Test

Dear Brethren,

Dr. Ephraim Rubiano, Senior Demolay of Mt. Samat #104 (Orani, Bataan) would like to invite the chronic smokers in our group or those with loved ones who are chronic smokers to undergo a pulmonary function testing through his spirometry machine.

The said test can help you identify if you already have a serious lung condition. If you take the said test at St. Luke's it would cost you around P2,500. With Dr. Rubiano, he can offer it for only less than P1,000. Interested parties may call/text him at 4676497, 4410456 or 09215816417.


Joel Serate Ferrer
Araw#18, NCR-C, GLP

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