Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Maynilad Lodge Issued Dispensation: Nov 2009

Brethren all,

I am happy to be a part of Washington's newest lodge designed with a Philippine motiff to bring together Filipino masons into a major masonic community. In two weeks we have subscribed 23 members and expect to have 40 charter members by year end.

Kenneth Gibala, PM MPS
Secretary - MAYNILAD Lodge UD
Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia


*Re: MAYNILAD Lodge, U.D. *

Greetings Brethren:

Please be informed that our Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Kwame Acquaah, has issued a dispensation (No. 09-25) to a number of regular Freemasons to establish a Lodge in this jurisdiction, under the name of *MAYNILAD Lodge, U.D.*, to work using the D.C. Ritual in English and in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations of the Grand Lodge, F.A.A.M., of the District of Columbia.

Alianza Fraternal Americana Lodge No. 92, at its Wednesday, November 18, 2009 stated communication, resolved to support the formation of said new lodge and recommended to the Grand Master that he give favorable consideration to the prayer of the petitioners.

Worshipful Brothers Teddy Villapando, PM; Generoso Calonge, PM; and Edward Usita, PM have been appointed to serve as the first Master, Senior Warden and Junior Warden respectively.

An announcement of the date, time and place for the organizational meeting and installation of the officers of MAYNILAD Lodge, U.D. will be forthcoming.

Cordially and fraternally,

Mansour Hatefi, PGM
Grand Secretary


FilMasons NSW said...

Wb Ed,

My congratulation to you, to Wor Bros Villapando and Calonge, and to the members of Maynilad Lodge U.D.

I know the brethren of your new lodge will be better fed under your care hehehe....not only of food, but of experience and wisdom,of course.

Again, Congratulation bro. I still don't have anything I can tell you about Bro Albert.


Reden A. Infante, PM
Sublime Benicia Lodge # 5
Suisun Lodge # 55
GL of CA

FilMasons NSW said...

congratulation to Maynilad Lodge.

Bro. Alex Go

FilMasons NSW said...

WB Ed,

My heartfelt congratulations to all the workmen in the quarries for MAYNILAD LODGE, UD. It won't be long and the fruit of your labors will eventually come true.

Nice to know that sojourners dropping by your area can look forward in attending a lodge where they can belong.

More power to all of you,


Arnold "Dong" Makil Abaya, PM
Sublime Benicia Lodge #5, F&AM, Benicia, CA
Saigon Lodge #188, F&AM, Manila, Phil.
Jacques DeMolay Mem. Lodge #305, F&AM, Manila, Phil.
Frank Reed Horton Mem. Lodge #379, F&AM, Q.C., Phil.

FilMasons NSW said...

Kuyang Ed:

That's great news! And what a name, now Pinoys rock in D.C. as well!

Please give my warmest regards to Bro. Gene Calonge.


Labong Lodge No.59, GLP
Iloilo City

FilMasons NSW said...

Brod Asiong, Brethren & all,

Thanks & I will inform Bro Gene Calonge.

If you know anyone in the State Capital DC who are interested to become Charter members till Dec 31,2009 please contact us.

We might have Installation this month latest next month if the GM is available. Next Annual Communication & Installation of the Grand Lodge of DC will be December 12, 2009.

The Grand Lodge of Free And Accepted Masons of the District of Columbia will conduct 3 Stated Communications,

1st in May -Semi Annual Communication;
2nd in October Annual Communication & 3rd in December for Installation.

For more informations please visit website: www.dcgrandlodge.org

5428 Mac Arthur Blvd. NW Washington DC 20016-2524
Tel. 202-686-1811
Fax. 202-686-2759

Grand Master - Kwame Acquaah (Fiat Lux Lodge # 1717)

Grand Secretary - Mansour Hatefi (PGM) Potomac Lodge # 5


Bro Edward Usita, PM
Angalo # 63, etc

FilMasons NSW said...

To the Officers & Brethren of Maynilad Lodge U.D.:

On behalf of the Officers & Brethren of Fil-Can Cabletow Lodge No. 189, A.F. & A.M., Grand Registry of Manitoba, congratulations on the approval of your petition for dispensation to form Maynilad Lodge.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

We doubt not that Maynilad Lodge will be an excellent exemplar of a Lodge of Freemasons.


Chibu Uson
Fil-Can Cabletow Lodge No. 189, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Current Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mother Lodge: Capitol City Lodge No. 174, Quezon City, Philippines

Cliff Porter said...

Worshipful Master, Wardens, and Brethren

On behalf of Enlightenment Lodge 198 and The Sanctum Sanctorum (www.thesanctumsanctorum.com)we lend you our energies to your most laudable of pursuits.

Yours In Brotherhood,

Cliff Porter
Worshipful Master
Enlightenment Lodge 198