Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veterans Day Fellowship & Celebrations

From left - Kuyang Ferdie, Kuyang George, Kuyang Reden, Kuyang Jun at Kuyang Cris,Standing - Guest brother, Kuyang Phil.

Brother Masons celebrating VETERANS DAY at Applebees in Vallejo CA.

Cris Enriquez
Sublime Lodge#831(Formerly)
Sublime Benicia Lodge#5
American Canyon CA (BAY AREA)


Coronado Lodge 441 celebrated Veterans Day to honor all veterans of the armed services, by exemplifying a Table Lodge, complete with the seven traditional toasts.The orders for toasting, followed by a battery of 3x3 and 'Vivat' given thrice.

Table Masters were led by Bro. Dave Bean, [Capt USN Ret] and Bro. Caloy Buzon, [SC, Capt USN Ret.] and candidate was Robert B Catre, [HM2, USN] of Southwest Lodge #283, accompanied by their officers. Fines galore for all procedural infractions!

Retired and active duty personnel wore their uniforms, whether they fitted or not. It is also a day to be proud that we are citizens of a nation made great by the sacrifices and dedication of similar personnel who have served in the past, present and future and who honorably served their country.

Joe Lazaro
Coronado Lodge 441 GLC
Palanyag Lodge 323 GLP

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