Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Congrats to Fil Travelers Florida


Please join me in congratulating the Incoming Officers who will be inducted
this coming Saturday:

Filipino Travelers of Florida, Valley of Jacksonville, Inc.

In-coming Officers 2010 - 2011

PRESIDENT ------------ --------- ------- WB ROMY ORTIZ

VICE PRESIDENT ------------ -------- BRO LEO CAJUSAY

SECRETARY ------------ --------- --- BRO MANDY AMAN

TREASURER ------------ --------- -- BRO QUIEL BEGONIA

Sincerely & fraternally,

Manolo Gatbonton, PM
Victory Daylight Lodge No 1778 - Norfolk, VA
Pagkakaisa Lodge No 282 - Las Piñas, Philippines
Acacia Lodge No 243 - Hayward, CA


Congratulations to the new set of officers of Filipino Travelers of Florida!

Particularly Bro Leo Cajusay. Bro Leo, I hope all is well with you and family. It’s unfortunate that we were not able to chat at length during your visit to San Diego.

Enjoy your induction, which I have not doubt will be a success with great fellowship.

Sincerely & fraternally,

Bro Carlos 'Caloy' D Buzon II
Bagong Buhay 17 [Cavite, GLP]
Coronado 441 [GLC]
Coronado, CA

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Peterson said...

Hey congratulations to all the Incoming Officers of Filipino Travelers of Florida.Well,I was also the employee of travel service company named Joystar in Florida which was run by Mr. Bill Alverson the CEO.But I had a wonderful and satisfactory experience working with them.