Wednesday, February 20, 2008

GLP Delayed Master Mason's Diploma


MW Jaime Y Gonzales has given instruction to the Committee on Accounts "to look into the bottom of the problem" on the causes in the Grand Lodge process of delayed preparation of requested Master Mason's diplomas, with the main purpose to recommend corrective measures and find solutions to expeditously process the diplomas and send asap to the requesting brethren/lodges.

To assist us in performing the assigned task, we wish to know who among the brethren and/or lodges have pending request for MM diplomas as of today with the Grand Lodge. Please profound the information by mentioning when and how you sent your request, what document (s) you attached therein to support, how many times you followed it up at the GLP and the staff you talked to, and what were the comments or commitments made by the GLP staff to speed up the documents.

For those brethren and lodges who already got the diplomas but experienced the same delay in receiving them, please forward us with any of the above information so we can consider your actual experience in finding alternative system at the GLP. Any input you can express can be of great help for the benefit of us all. Thank you.

Bro James A Olayvar CPA
Member, GLP Committee on Accounts
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