Tuesday, February 26, 2008

MMs Can Now Be Charter Members of Rizal Shrine Temple: 15 March

Master Masons in good and regular standing can now be part of Philippine Shrinedom history.

Be a charter member of the Rizal Shrine Temple, Manila, Philippines.

Deadline for signing the Imperial Council petition form for charter membership is on March 15, 2008. Go for it! Be a Charter Member and submit your lodge certificate of good standing, duly signed by your lodge Secretary and the Grand Secretary.

For further details, please contact the following:

Noble Francisco M. Lovero, Chairman, Secretariat, Rizal Shrine Temple, Manila (vivatkikolovero@ yahoo.com).

Or one of its members:

Noble Raffy Roxas, Noble Ed Otenburg, Noble Rudy Tan, PNSC President; Noble George So, Noble Wilfred Sing or Noble Chuck DeMorse via glphils@yahoogroups.com.

(Via email by Noble Danni Membrere, A.A.O.N.M.S., Nile Temple, Washington USA.
Maharlika Shrine Temple, Q.C.)


FilMasons NSW said...

Noble Francis,

May I/we be informed on the details on how we Pinoy members of A.A.O.N.M.S. of various temples in North America and MMs in good standing could become a part of the Shrine Temple to be established in the Philippines.

Are there any dues to be paid after signing in? How much dues do you charge for an (in)active or inactive Noble and a MM in good standing? Where can we get the forms? Is there a particular office of the Secretariat taking care of this activity?

Please enlighten us.


noble dannimembrere, a.a.o.n.m.s
nile temple, washington usa
maharlika shrine temple, q.c.
f.d.roosevelt mem. ::81
mwglp, manila

FilMasons NSW said...

The Nobles in the Virginia Beach Area (Khedive Temple) are also interested.

Please Advise.

Manolo Gatbonton, PM
Victory Daylight Lodge 1778
Virginia Beach VA

FilMasons NSW said...

Does this mean Brethren that you do not need to be either a York Rite or Scottish Rite Mason to join?


Kuyang Mario

FilMasons NSW said...


Noble sirs very clear if you are a member of any Lodge under the Grand Lodge of the Philippines just give me your Certificate of Good standing and if you are a Noble with 2008 Shrine Dues you are qualified... ..ok

Shrine Charter Fees will be determined by all Charter Members...later.

Noble Kiko Lovero

FilMasons NSW said...

Hi, Noble Kiko

What I understand from your response is that one of the documents must be presented:

1. Certificate of Good Standing in a GLP Lodge

2. 2008 Dues Card from any Shrine Temple

Pls confirm that only one of the above documents is required.

Thank you and fraternal regards,

Chibu Uson
Khartum Shine Temple, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Fil-Can Cabletow Lodge U.D., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Capitol Lodge No. 136, Winnipeg, Manitoba