Thursday, April 23, 2009

GLP Ancom 2009: 23-25 April

With the start today of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines' 93rd Annual Communication in the City Cagayan De Oro, a short note from the ANCOM 2009 Secretary; Bro Chito Olifernes assuring the brethren that the recent "atrocities in the neighboring city" will not affect the ANCOM. Bro Chito concludes that all the delegates, visitors and their families are safe from the "ruffians" and that "all systems go" for ANCOM 2009!

In a related email report, VWBro Johnson N Lee, DDGM; and VWBro Dominador M Lorenzo, DGL; announced that District R-IIIC; comprising of lodges in Subic Bay, Olongapo City and Zambales is vying to host ANCOM 2011. They will bid for the 95th ANCOM in 2011 to be hosted in Subic Bay with the theme: "On to Subic Bay in 2011!"

Pinoy Masons Worldwide congratulates the brethren from CDO for hosting the 93rd ANCOM and welcomes all the delegates and visitors. May you all have a wonderful time and a successful Annual Communication.

Also wishing our MW Bro Boy Aniag and his Grand Lodge officers the best ANCOM.

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