Friday, April 3, 2009

Siete Martires No 177 37th Install: 28 March

With the presence of RW Bro Avelino I. Razon, Jr. as Guest of Honor & Speaker and of PGM Bro Jaime Y. Gonzales delivering an Inspirational Message as well as the Ancient Charges & Regulations to the elected Worshipful Master, the 37th Public Installation of elected & appointed officers of Siete Martires No 177 was held March 28, 2009 at Max Restaurant, San Fernando, La Union.

The following brethren were installed:

Worshipful Master - Bro Ocal "Simba" Lucman
(Monicker courtesy of PGM Jimmy G)
Senior Warden - Bro Pete Velasco, Jr.
Junior Warden - Bro Richard Tan
Treasurer - VW Bro Almerick Pua Phee, DGL
Secretary - VW Bro Amerhassan Lucman, PDDGM
Auditor - WI Bro Carlos Tayag
Chaplain - Bro Mariano H.K. Go
Marshall - VW Bro Rodolfo Jubinal, PDDGM
SD - Bro Rene Baysa
JD - Bro Efren Penaflor
Almoner - Bro Laureano Marinas
Orator - Bro Sultan Amer S. Lucman
Bible Bearer- Bro Mariano Lacsamana
Organist - Bro Alexander de Guzman
Lecturer - VW Bro Antonio Ferraren, Jr., PDDGM
SS - Bro Aylwin Pua Phee
JS - Bro Jimmy Pua Phee
Tyler - WBro Joel Javier
Harmony Officer- WBro Raul Umaybas, PM

We look forward to another fruitful year with the cooperation and support of the brethren.

All the best . . .

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can also make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire

Bro Pete M. Velasco, Jr.
Siete Martires Lodge :: 177
City of San Fernando, La Union
Republic of the Philippines


Pinoy Masons Worldwide congratulates all the elected and appointed officers of Siete Martires Lodge No 177 on their 37th Installation of Officers!
Congratulations to all the officers and members of Siete Martires Lodge No 177 on the 37th Installation of Officers, especially to Bro Senior Warden, Bro Pete M. Velasco Jr.
Bro Mario Baylon Jr
Lincon Lodge No 34
Olongapo City
Woodcroft NSW Australia


FilMasons NSW said...

The Brethren of Lake Lanao Lodge No. 227 and Radjah Indarapatra Lodge (UD), all of Marawi City, Lanao del Sur convey their heartfelt felicitations to the newly installed officers of Siete Marteres Lodge No. 177.

WB Cocoy I. Abbas
IPM, Lake Lanao Lodge No. 227
Secretary, Radjah Indarapatra Lodge (UD)
MDRX-D & ARMM (Lanao)
Marawi City, Lanao del Sur

FilMasons NSW said...

Congratulations to Siete Martires Lodge no. 177.. and to you kuyang Pete!!

Bro Mar Remoquillo
A craftsman from the quarries of
Cosmos Lodge # 8