Friday, April 17, 2009

GLP Ancom 2009 Announcements

To all the Delegates:

Please be informed of the following:

1. Bring your own aprons [dues cards as well, Mod Ed].

2. Those who have not faxed or sent a copy of their receipt: REGISTRATION OR RAFFLE TICKET (for Lodges), please bring them during Ancom for record and verification purposes.

3. During the Grand Master's Night, No ID-No Entry, No Ticket-No Meal policy.

4. Always wear your Ancom IDs, especially when you are entering a function of the Ancom.

5. On site Registration will commence on April 22, 2009, Tuesday at the Gloria Maris Function Room, 2nd Level, East Concourse of the Limketkai Mall.

6. Delegates arriving thru air and sea will be conveyed by vans from port to Ancom site only. In the event that you will arrive early where the Ancom site is still close then you will be brought to your respective hotels.

Transportation for field trips can be arranged but at your own expense.

Thank you and see you all in CDO!

Bro. Chito Olifernes
Ancom 2009 Secretary

------------ --------- ----

Maguindanao Lodge No. 40
Masonic District RX-A
Cagayan de Oro City

For further info see Ancom 2009 website.

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