Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Desert Knights DeMolays & Dads Alumni Chapter, Jeddah, KSA

Calling all "2gether" brethren (that is, Senior DeMolays who are Master Masons) in Jeddah.

01 February will be the election of officers of the Desert Knights Demolays and Dads Alumni Chapter in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, this also marks the last of the stated meetings we must attend to be considered for accredition. May I please ask craftsmen who know any Demolay or MM in or near Jeddah to kindly inform them of the said event.

The Filipino Channel (TFC) will also broadcast the event from 20 January 2008 and our sincere hope is to gather as much to attend the event. Please email me privately for additional information.

If the proper procedures are met then we can apply for proper accreditation and this will be the first Demolay Alumni Chapter outside the Philippines from the Demolay Alumni Association of the Philippines (if what I was told is correct).

(Via email: Bro Alberto Valenzuela Poblete, Mount Mainam 49, Naic, Cavite, MWGLP pobletea1@yahoo.com).
DeMolay Alumni Association Philippine Logo courtesy of DAAP (TM).

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Bro Noel said...

Dear bro. Alberto V. Poblete,

Congratulations on your upcoming election of officers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps that would become the second DeMolay Alumni Association
outside the Philippines.

There is now an existing JADA (Jose Abad Santos America DeMolay Alumni), they have by-laws, annual election of officers and regular meetings. It was established 2 years ago, even conferring
Chevaliers to deserving FIL-AM brethren and duly recognize by the Philippine Supreme Council, Order of Demolay.


Noel P. Antonio
Nilad Lodge #12
32 MRS, Philippine Bodies