Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quezon City Lodge No 122 Medical Mission Photo Op (Undated)

A picture, they say, is worth at least a thousand words; if so, here are three pictures that are worth at least three thousand to browse upon.

The aging lion (aka Bro Jun Galarosa) conversing animatedly with WM Jun-jun Gevero, Master of Quezon City Lodge No. 122. Could it be that they are arguing who has the more sex appeal?

With WM Jun jun Gevero and the ladies of QC 122 posing for posterity. At center is the lion tamer with black hand bag.

After the presentation of the commemorative jacket emblazoned with QC 122 Masonic logo. In picture are (from left to right) VW Allan Bontuyan, DDGM of NCR-E, MW Jaime Y. Gonzales, Grand Master of GLP (in red t-shirt), the lion tamer (Mrs Jun Galarosa), the aging lion and WM Jun Jun Gevero of QC 122.

(Via email by Bro Jun Galarosa)


Charity said...

Hey! That's my brother-in-law! Jun Jun Gevero! I'm just surprised to find a picture of him on a blog! ha ha! :-)

FilMasons NSW said...


It's good to see people you know on a blogazine doing good and charitable work. WM Jun jun may not even know that his picture would be published.

Kuyang Mario (The Moderator)

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is Johnny Buenavente, can I know the Address/Office Address of Mr.Jaime Y. Gonzales ? thanks a lot.

FilMasons NSW said...

Hi Johnny, Unfortunately I post these news from various sources. I don't know Mr Jaime Gonzales personally, hence I can't furnish his personal details. Sorry.