Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Prayer for Healing: Bro Jaime "Jimmy" Estrera

Healing Prayer for Sister Milabel, Joshua and Jordan

Dearest Lord,
You were once broken apart and You know how it is to be shattered
by the loss of a loved one.

Trusting in Your deep Love and Compassion,
We come to You now to seek healing
for Milabel & her sons, Joshua and Jordan;
who are in deep pain,
grieving the loss of our Brother Jimmy, a husband and father.

Heal all unhappy feelings they are experiencing now.
Let Your loving presence Comfort and Console them during their
moments of sorrow and loneliness.

Touch all the areas of woundedness in their hearts.
Give them the Grace to see that something beautiful
will come out later on,
the Grace to see things from Your eyes of Love,
to see the blessings in store for them
out of this hurt.

To see the victory and resurrection that awaits them and their loved one, Jimmy;
after all the tears and anguish.

All these are difficult to see right now, Lord,
when everything around them seems dark and shattered.
But we know that Your Love and Peace will be their source of Strength,
their Comfort and Consolation.

Draw them closer to You through their grieving moments
and let them experience the kind of Love only You can give to fill all
the emptiness and loneliness from the loss of Brother Jimmy.

Bring to them Friends to keep them company
and to lift their Spirits during moments of desolation.
Let their presence be an experience of Your loving presence
to fill their hearts with Your Peace, Love, Joy and Healing.

All these we pray in Jesus' name through Mary. Amen.
So mote It Be!

From your FilMasons' & Amasons' Friends
8 January 2008

Adapted from Healing Presence, Prayers for Healing, pages 91-92.
Brother Jaime "Jimmy" Estrera (1952-2007), is a member of Capitol Lodge, GLP and a charter member of Corrective Services (UD), United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT. He dropped his workings tools 31 December after suffering from a ruptured celebral aneurysm or stroke the day before. Indeed life is so fleeting, especially for a young father like Brother Jimmy.
Brother Jimmy is one of the three founders of the Filipino Freemasons (Club) Association of New South Wales (Inc) more than fifteen years ago in the Western suburbs of Sydney, NSW Australia.
He is survived by wife, Sis Milabel, sons; Joshua and Jordan and relatives and friends in the US, Australia and in the Philippines.
He is an active member of the Couples for Christ, together with Sis Milabel and a corrections officer at Parklea Correctional Centre before his demise.
He will be sorely missed not only by his wife and sons but by the countless relatives and friends.

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wazinaction said...

Kuya Jimmy, was my brother through my marriage through is sister Maribel. He was a good man. A hard worker, a good husband, a good father and a good friend. Kuya, you will be missed here in America as well as Australia. I am happy you have met my family and you visited your sister here. You will be very much missed. We all dearly love you.