Tuesday, January 22, 2008

GrandSec Reynold Fajardo Lodge (UD) Creation & Institution

We wish to announce the creation of GrandSec Reynold Fajardo Lodge (UD) which is about to be instituted in the next few days. The new lodge will be based at the Grand Lodge of the Philippines in Manila, as former Grand Secretary and Grand Master Fajardo (he being) is a Grand Lodge personality of distinction and considering the outstanding services he had rendered to the Grand Lodge of the Philippines; (Jurisdiction) in particular and Filipino Freemasons in general.

Upon the initiative of the Grand Master, MW Jaime Y Gonzales; and able assistance of VW Francis Lovero, AAGM, the idea of forming the lodge in MW GrandSec Fajardo's honor is to give due recognition and perpetual remembrance to a man who had devoted most of his time to Philippine Freemasonry. The late Grand Lodge brilliant Grand Secretary was irreplaceable until today as far as history-telling, especially in the field of Philippine Freemasonry is concerned.

In an article in the Grand Lodge of the Philippines website: Kinship to Greatness (Past Grand Masters): Poor Man's Lawyer:

"MW Fajardo is a recognized Masonic historian. He has written over a hundred articles on Philippine Masonic history that saw print in Masonic journals here and abroad. He also wrote the following books: "Historic Perceptions", “The Golden Years of the Grand Lodge” which was published as part of “Votaries of Honor”, “Dimasalang, the Masonic life of Dr. Jose Rizal” and “The Brethren” (two volumes) which is a history of Masonry in the Philippines from 1756 up to the end of the Second World War. He is a co-author "Kinship to Greatness”, a collection of the biographical sketches of all the Past Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge and “The Golden Years”, a history of Scottish Rite Masonry in the Philippines." (Moderator)

Charter membership is still open. For those who wanted to be included in this historic formation of the lodge, please see VW Lovero or the undersigned with your Certificate of Good Standing (CGS). Alternatively you may leave your CGS with Ms. Elo Morillo at the Grand Master's office.

(Via Email: BRO JAMES OLAYVAR, Kagitingan Lodge 286 Makati City, Co-Coordinator)

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