Sunday, January 6, 2008

MSU New President: Bro Dr Macapado A Muslim

On behalf of all Mindanao State University DeMolays and Masons, I would like to congratulate our Dad and Brother, Dr. Macapado "Mac" Abaton Muslim who was just sworned in as the new President of our Alma Mater, Mindanao State University (MSU System).

Dad Mac Muslim once served as member of our Advisory Council in the University Chapter, Order of DeMolay in MSU, Marawi City.

Bro. Mac Muslim is the fourth Freemason to hold this prestigious and most coveted position. The three others before him were, the late former KSA Ambassador Brother Mauyag Tamano, the late Governor of Lanao del Sur, Worshipful Brother Mohammad Ali Dimaporo and just recently, Dad and Worshipful Brother Dr Camar A. Umpa.

Kudos, Dad Mac!

(Via email by Brother Cris M. Gaerlan, Jacques DeMolay Lodge 305 NCR-A Manila, Batasan Lodge U.D., Quezon City. Past Master Councilor, 1985 University Chapter, Order of DeMolay, Mindanao State University, Islamic City of Marawi.)

According to A. P. Pabico of the PCIJ blog in a 2005 blog report; "Of the 21 candidates, only three made it to the short list that was submitted to Malacañang. Dr. Macapado Muslim, (the then) chancellor of the General Santos City campus, was the unanimous choice of the search committee... " He has a PhD, and is a Professor in Politics and Public Administration. He is a member of Lake Lanao Lodge No. 227 F. & A.M.


Bro. Cris M. Gaerlan said...

Dear Bro.,

I would like to call your attention to some errors to this my message you reposted in this blog.

Please correct the following: instead of former Senator "Mamintal Tamano", it is "former KSA Ambassador, Brother Mauyag Tamano" and Bro.Dr. Camar Umpa, should be Worshipful Bro. Dr.Camar Umpa.

My apologies to the errors.


Bro. Cris M. GAERLAN
Jacques DeMolay Lodge 305
MD NCR-A, Manila

FilMasons NSW said...

Bro Cris,

Thanks for pointing out the errors. Half of the fault is mine for re-posting your message without checking further. My apologies as well to all concerned.


Bro Mar, Senior DeMolay TR Yangco