Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bro Arturo "Art" Brion: Appointed Associate Justice in the Philippine Supreme Court

Dearest Brethren,

For and on behalf of his mother lodge and our fellow Brethren in Teodoro M.Kalaw Memorial Lodge No. 136, Worshipful Master Inigo Golingay and the lodge officers most warmly congratulate Bro. Arturo Brion, former Secretary of Labor and Employment and Court of Appeals Justice, on his appointment and assumption of office today (18 March) as the newest associate justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

Bro. Art joins a long and distinguished line of Masonic Brethren who have been elevated to our country's highest court as the designs of the Great Architect of the Universe are gradually revealed by history. We take great joy in celebrating with him and his family this new opportunity to further serve our country in accordance with the finest traditions of Philippine Freemasonry.

Yours in the Craft for the Worshipful Lodge,

Bro. Teodoro Kalaw IV
Senior Warden, Teodoro M. Kalaw Memorial Lodge No. 136
(Via email at GLPhils Yahoo Groups)

According to the Philippine Tribute Online, Bro Brion took his oath before Chief Justice MW Bro Reynato Puno, the concurrent ex-officio chairman of the Judicial and Bar Council that recommended him to the President as one of the five candidates for the Supreme Court.

"Brion said he accepted the challenge and vowed to become impartial in resolving SC cases.

"If you will look at my record at the DoLE, you will see that I have managed to reduce the number of labor strikes and increased the amount of OFW remittances to PHP14.4 billion during my two year term. I intend to do the same (intensity) during my term at the SC," the newly-appointed SC justice said.

Brion started his career in the government when he was appointed executive director of the Institute of Labor and Manpower Studies (ILMS) of the then Philippine Ministry of Labor in 1982. ILMS was training and formulation arm of the then Philippine Ministry of Labor.

He had served at the ILMS until 1984 after which he appointed as vice chairman of the Labor and Employment Committee to Batasang Pambansa, Philippine National Assembly during 1985.

Afterwards, Brion was appointed as Deputy Minister of Labor (for Legal and Legislative Affairs), of Philippine Ministry of Labor in 1985 to 1986. He and his family went into self-exile abroad after the 1986 revolt.

He also served as consultant to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) on public labor unionism leading to the paper "Public Sector Unionism", Proposed Configuration" in 1996.

Brion was also appointed DoLE undersecretary for labor relations March 2001 up to July 2002 after which he was hired as Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) undersecretary for foreign affairs (for special projects) starting August 2002 up to June 2003.

He was appointed DoLE secretary starting July 2006 to March 17, 2008.

Brion graduated at the Ateneo de Manila University in Makati in 1974 earning an LL.B and being awarded cum laude and class valedictorian."

Our heartfelt congratulations to Bro Art Brion!

Pinoy Masons Worldwide

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