Wednesday, March 12, 2008

GLP GM Issues Circular to Stop "No Host" Fellowship

In a circular (GLP Circular Number 14), issued 11 March 2008 by the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, MW Brother Jaime Y Gonzales; all brethren under the Grand Lodge of the Philippines "are prohibited from participating" in this "no-host" fellowship of all Masons, which includes those brethren from other Grand Jurisdictions, like the newly formed IGLPI.

The 'no-host" fellowship is slated this coming Thursday, 13 March 2008, 7:00 PM at the Main Dining Hall of Club Intramuros Golf Course.

Brother Ben Apacible, the convenor of this fellowship of Masons has this to say on why he initiated this fellowship:

"This is a "no host" fellowship of brethren from different Grand Jurisdictions who want to "MEET ON THE LEVEL" and practice in and out of their respective Lodges and Grand Jurisdictions "BROTHERLY LOVE .'. RELIEF .'. TRUTH .'. LIBERTY .'. EQUALITY .'. FRATERNITY" and who are looking forward for a more meaningful Masonic year."

Brother Ben continues that: "... (to attend this event which) maybe the start of what each and every Mason had been wishing for….."HARMONY"."

For his part, the Grand Master, MW Brother Jaime Y Gonzales said in his circular:

"... pending the issuance of definitive guidelines all brethren of this Grand Jurisdiction are prohibited from participating in this allegedly "no-host fellowship" in accordance with the Constitution and Ancient Landmarks of the Order hereinbelow quoted."

The GM cited GLP Constitution provision under Article IV, Section 2, paragraph k, which provides:

"Sec 2. Among others, a lodge is prohibited from performing the following: (bold supplied, Moderator).

"Par k. To hold Masonic intercourse with illegal or clandestine lodges or individual members thereof or recognize any entity purporting to be a Masonic lodge, unless it is a recognized subordinate lodge of a Grand Lodge with which the Grand Lodge of the Philippines has fraternal relations."

The GM also cited Article XVII, Section 22 of the GLP Constitution which provides that: "No Master Mason shall hold Masonic intercourse or membership in any illegal or clandestine lodge nor communicate masonically with any clandestine Mason."

Further quoting Our Ancient Charges and Regulations:

"VIII. You promise to respect genuine Brethren, and to discountenance impostors and all dissenters from the original plan of Masonry."

In an email comment made by Bro Ben Apacible, inspite of the GM circular 14 the affair will go ahead as planned and he continued:

"I only have one question: WHY? TALAGANG HINDI MAGKAKAISA ANG MGA MASON SA BUONG MUNDO. In the Philippines , today's masons can just rest on the laurel wreath of our forefathers. Todays masons can't be proud of what we have done to future masons.

May the GAOTU truly guide and bless all Filipino Masons withersoever dispersed."

As for GM MW Brother Gonzales: the motto of his term as GM and his exhortations emblazoned on the circular's official letterhead tells us to:

"Live More Masonically Towards A Better Society"

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