Monday, March 17, 2008

Filipino Freemasons' No Host Fellowship: An Update

Brethren Greetings!

This is to inform you that the “NO HOST FELLOWSHIP – BRETHREN ALL” held last Thursday, March 13, 2003, was successful despite the absence (due to the issuance of Circular No. 14) of majority of our brethren from the GLP who confirmed their attendance.

Those in attendance can attest that nothing about religion, politics, rituals, principles, affairs, conflicts, and other concerns of the Brethren’s respective Grand or Subordinate Lodges were discussed. The atmosphere was of harmony and brotherly love and everybody clamoured for a “SECOND NO HOST FELLOWSHIP – BRETHREN ALL”.

A suggestion was brought out by a brother… Civic Projects sponsored by THE FREEMASONS without the mention of Lodges or Grand Lodge. Institutions which will be considered are orphanages, homes for the aged and other similar government/privately owned institutions. These projects will be discussed on the next no host fellowship tentatively scheduled in May of this year.

There was only one wish from the brothers who attended this affair… “GIVE HARMONY A CHANCE TO PROSPER AMONGST US MASONS”.

This brings me back more than 28 years ago when I was asked… ”WHERE WERE YOU FIRST PREPARED TO BE MADE A MASON?”.

And which also reminds me of what the Senior warden says …. “HARMONY BEING THE STRENGTH AND SUPPORT OF ALL SOCIETIES ESPECIALLY OF OURS”.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the brethren who attended, the brethren who intended to attend but were restrained by doing so and the brethren from far places who gave their moral support for the success of this event.

I truly wish that harmony and brotherly love be given a chance to prevail among the Freemasons.

With my warmest fraternal regards and may the GAOTU continue to bless and guide all Masons withersoever dispersed.

Bro. Ben Apacible

Congratulations to all Brethren who attended this very auspicious event of the Filipino Freemasons. Thank you for giving and living the tenets of Masonry!


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