Wednesday, March 12, 2008

M H Del Pilar Chapter of the Order of DeMolay Revived

It was recently approved in our stated meeting that M. H. Del Pilar Chapter, Order of DeMolay, sponsored by Malolos Lodge # 46, will be revived after a long hibernation of 15 years.

Most of the Senior DeMolays in Malolos Lodge was tasked to do the leg work, led by Bro. Boyet Arellano. Wish us luck in this endeavor.

Joel Manuel MCSE MCT
Malolos :: 46 F. and A. M.
M. H. Del Pilar Chapter
Order of DeMolay ISC

Congratulations to the Malolos Lodge No 46 for endevouring to revive and sponsoring M. H Del Pilar Chapter, Order of DeMolay. As they say, "DeMolay is the Flower Garden of Freemasonry", as evidenced by the many fine Senior DeMolays who joined the Craft. Speaks well for the Fraternity, the Chapter Advisors and DeMolays as a whole.

Pinoy Masons Worldwide
Mario Baylon Jr, PMC, Chev, PJMC
Teodoro R Yangco Chapter, IOD
Olongapo City


FilMasons NSW said...

Good luck to your endeavor in reviving M. H. Del Pilar Chapter, Order of DeMolay. May your chapter regain the glory it enjoyed during those previous years.

Give my regards to the Florcruz brothers who are members of your Chapter in DeMolay and of your Lodge in FreeMasonry. And of course to their father VW Chito Florcruz.

Bro. Rowan Labro
Jacques DeMolay Mem. Lodge No. 305, GLP
Baden Powell Lodge No. 929, Irish Constitution
Gen. Douglas MacArthur Chapter, IOD

FilMasons NSW said...

Bro Rowan,

Thanks!!! We will do our best.

M. H. del Pilar played a big role in my formative years, adhering to to its seven cardinal virtues and 14 ethics. I guess not only me but most of the DeMolay brothers here in Malolos. That, coupled with our masonictenets, I really do believe, made us better people and citizens.

Withthat in mind, we again wanted to share those vision with the youth of Malolos. To steer them away from the vices that proliferate our streets that may mislead our youth into an unwanted path later in life.

I do believe, Dennis Florcruz, a Master Mason in good standing of Malolos is a member here as well as our Past Jurisdictional Master Councilor for Luzon (a Chevalier and now incumbent secretary of Malolos), Raymund Florcruz. I am not sure about VW Chito but I will give him your regards though.

Thank you General!

Joel Manuel
Malolos :: 46 F. and A. M.
M. H. Del Pilar Chapter
Order of Demolay ISC