Monday, March 3, 2008

Pinoy Masons Eyeball at ANCOM 2008

Pinoy Masons' Banner as conceptualized and designed by Bro Ian Carganillo. (All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2008)

Pinoy Masons' Worldwide will have a "no host" get-together or "eye ball" on the 23rd and 24th of April 2008, during the start of 92nd Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines at Bacolod City, Philippines.

This was proposed by various members of the worldwide Yahoo Group, totalling more than 800 members worldwide. Most of the attendees will be from the Philippines, but the "virtual organizers" are hoping that Pinoy Masons' members from overseas will avail of this opportunity to meet and greet fellow members.

For more information regarding the ANCOM 2008, click main title or here. The host lodge/district has designed an excellent website for prospective attendees of this annual conventions of GLP Masons.

Members are still discussing the motto of the group, but will definitely sell T-Shirts with the final logo and motto of this worldwide Pinoy Masons' Yahoogroup. The funds raised will be donated to charities as planned by Bro Ian.

"Pinoy Masons - Try Me!" is one the most popular suggested motto of the group. Others are as follows (from the poll set up by Bro Kenneth):

I am a PinoyMason Tried and Proven
I am a PinoyMason Try Me by the Square
I am a PinoyMason Try Me
PinoyMasons, Brothers wherever we are
Men at work. Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.
PINOYMASONS - we do good things better
PinoyMasons - The Universal brethren
I am a PinoyMason - The Universal Brother
We are brothers forever, whenever, wherever....ePinoyMasons Your vote is shown above.

Per Bro Ken, "you can change your vote until the poll is closed."

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