Monday, March 17, 2008

WBro Rodolfo Carbonel Drops Working Tools: 14 March 2008

Bro Wilfredo Cayetano and Bro Joel Porlares received text messages that our WBro Rodolfo Carbonel, Past Master of Victory Lodge No 116; and father of Bro Larry Carbonel, dropped his working tools last Friday, 14 March.

Let us pray for the bereaved family and for the eternal repose of his soul.

Via text message by Bro Tony Limpoco (Batong Buhay No 27)
Via email by Bro Joel Porlares (Muog #89)

Bro. Wily Cayetano (Via text message by Bro Larry Carbonel)
Jose Rizal Lodge No. 22, GLP
Escudo Lodge U.D.
La Guardia U.D.
NCR-Valenzuela City, Philippines
"Do as you would be done by"


Anonymous said...

I thought I would google my Grandad to see what turns up. Wasn't expecting this to come up. Thank you brethren(s). I'm his 1st Grandson.

Prince Carbonel
Aurora Lodge

FilMasons NSW said...

Most of the news here are from Pinoy Masons Yahoogroups. We are also on Facebook now. Great to hear from you Bro Prince.

M Baylon, Blog Admin
Lincoln Lodge No 34 Olongapo City GLP
Lodge Jose Rizal 1045 UGL of NSW & ACT Castle Hill Australia