Tuesday, July 29, 2008

90th Lodge Anniversary of Pampanga Masonic Lodge No. 48

"On behalf of our Worshipful Master, WBro Joey Lacson, the brethren of Pampanga Masonic Lodge No. 48 would like to extend our acknowledgement for the greetings and well-wishes that we received on our Lodge's 90th Birthday this July.

Our 90th Charter Anniversary will be on the 28th of January 2009.

Our Anniversary Theme is: 90 YEARS of HARMONY - A Foundation Towards A Stronger Society (Pamikakapatad. Pamisaupan. Katutuan.)

Brief history of our Lodge:

Our Lodge was founded in 1918, when fifteen (15) Capampangan Masons from eight (8) different lodges gathered in the old residence of the Abad Santos's here in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga for Masonic information and education. It was during one these meetings that the idea of forming a Lodge of their own was conceived. They prepared a request to the Grand Lodge for the issuance of a dispensation that would authorize them to form a lodge that will be named Pampanga Lodge. The petition for a Provisional Charter was drafted and ratified and was signed by these band of brothers.

In July 16, of the same year, the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Philippine Islands granted the requested dispensation. The 15 signatories became our Lodge's Charter Members.

The Founding Fathers of Pampanga Lodge were Brothers Pedro Abad Santos, Saturnino Ocampo, Lucas G. Baviera, Isidro Makabali, Pablo Angeles David, Felix B. Bautista, Regino R. Gamboa, Ceferino Hilario, Pedro Malig, Marcelino Bustos Zabala, Isabelo de Silva, Benito Golding, Pacifico R. Panlilio, Bernardo Samson, and Mariano Tiglao.

MW Manuel L. Quezon - the Grand Master then, appointed from this roster of visionaries the First Three Lights for our Mother Lodge. Brother Pedro Abad Santos became the Worshipful Master in the East and Brothers Isabelo de Silva and Ceferino Hilario assumed the position of the Senior and Junior Wardens, respectively.

By the strength of the dispensation, the Members of our Lodge were authorized not only to accept petitions, but also to screen and elect petitioners. Five months later, during the period of dispensation, our Lodge conducted its First Raising Ceremony.

On December 28, 1918, the following candidates became Master Masons: Saturnino David, Pascual Gozun, Candido Hizon, Marciano Ordoñez, and Amado Pekson. To these five brethren, belong the honorable distinction of being the first members to be raised to the Sublime Degree of Masonry in Pampanga Lodge.

The Lodge received its Charter on January 28, 1919, during the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of the Philippine Islands, which was signed by the new Grand Master, MW Bro Milton E. Springer and the Grand Secretary MW Bro Newton C. Comfort. The authorized name became Pampanga Masonic Lodge No. 48.

Two months later, on March 29, 1919, Grand Master Milton E. Springer, assisted by Francisco A. Delgado, Ladislao Jose, Miguel Unson and other Masonic dignitaries, constituted the Lodge and installed its officers at the Cine Exelsior in San Fernando, Pampanga before an audience of more than 1,000.

Juan L. Luna, the orator of the Lodge, delivered an address of welcome in Spanish.

Pascual Gozun spoke in Pampango on the Mission of Masonry - Pamikakapatad (Brotherly Love), Pamisaupan (Relief) at Katutuan (Truth)."

By Bro Joseph Harold W. Santiago (Lodge Historian )
Mother Lodge: Pampanga Masonic Lodge Lodge No.: No. 48
City of San Fernando, Pampanga


Anonymous said...

Bro Harold,
This is nice!!! your passion is unmatched
---Bro Jay

FilMasons NSW said...

Bro Jay,

Thank you for the comment and I will pass on your comments to Bro Harold.


Bro Mario Baylon Jr
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reynaldo makabali said...

my late grandfather isidoro makabali and late father gregorio b. makabali both belonged to your lodge- more power to your organization!!!
reynaldo makabali, md
los angeles, california

Anonymous said...

nokarin ya ing Lodge yu pu king San Fernando?
Dennis Lapuz
Lakewood Lodge #728 Long Beach CA.

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