Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bro Regalado Francisco Drops Working Tools: 2 July 2008

"Worshipful Sirs and Brethren,

Brother Regalado Francisco of Okinawa Lodge No 118, under the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, has dropped his working tools last July 02, 2008.

His Widow, family and friends requested this morning a Masonic Service for our Brother. Masonic Service will be given by Silver Gate Three Stars Lodge No 296 of San Diego at Humphrey Mortuary, 753 Broadway St. Chula Vista, CA, tonight, 7PM, (Jul 08, 2008).

Sorry for the short notice. Brethren, please let's give a "Moment of Silence" to our Departed Brother. May he rest in Peace......

Thank you and God Bless.


Bro Carding Edra, WM
SGTS Lodge 296 San Diego, CA 92104"

Our deepest condolences and our prayers to Bro Regalado Francisco's widow, family and friends for their loss.

Pinoy Masons Worldwide

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