Friday, July 25, 2008

Lodge Pampanga No 48: 90th Birthday

"Congratulations to the Brethren at Lodge Pampanga #48 on reaching their 90th birthday.

I'm sure the forefathers of this Lodge would be proud to know that their vision 90 years ago is today, a strong reality.

The Lodge was full yesterday and extra chairs had to be brought in to accommodate the Brethren. A further strength of this Lodge is that the average age of the officers and brethren is around 40 years old.

Well done Brothers!"

WB Al Kane
GLI at #48



To all the Brethren of Pampanga Masonic Lodge #48 on their 90th Anniversary,likewise to the Brethren of Jose Abad Santos Memorial Lodge #333 on their 8th Anniversary & Masonic Symposium which was celebrated last July 19.

Thanks to RW Peter Lim V. Lo Suy, DGM, as the Guest of Honor and VW Ike Arribas, Dean-IMES; as Symposium Resource Speaker."

Ronnie M. Manuel
JASML #333
Clarkfield, Pampanga

Pinoy Masons Worldwide also congratulates the officers and members of Pampanga Lodge No 48 on their 90th anniversary milestone; and Jose Abad Santos Memorial Lodge No 333 on their 8th Anniversary!


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Many Many "Congratulations! Dear Lodge Pampanga on your 90th Birthday :)

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Pedro Marrero Master Mason said...

congratulations brothers in your 90 th anniversary from the Centenary and Meritori Silent Lodge of Cuba.