Thursday, July 17, 2008

Organizing the New "Brothers of Harmony" Masonic Choir

"Brethren All!

The Most Worshipful Grand Master Brother Boy Aniag, has made the first move towards the realization of a masonic choir in this local jurisdiction. Illustrious Brother Juanito Abergas, Grand Secretary General of the Supreme Council is joining the MW Grand Master in this move.

Actually there are several lodge choirs around the country, but one from the districts in the NCR would truly be a very historic and promising one. If you will recall in 1963 the Luzon Bodies, A. & A.S.R. organized the Brothers of Harmony which has reached a stature where it was considered one of the best, if not the best, male choir in the country. Time was not so kind that after around 20 years it died a natural death.

This time, the undersigned brother has been commissioned to try to organize one, not from one Bodies or Lodge, but from our rich pool of singing brethren in the Metro Manila area. We are therefore inviting you brethren, not necessarily music professionals or Pavarottis, but who could simply carry tunes, to join our music for fellowship, by responding to this call. This will be a weekly rehearsal session.

Please give your names, you lodge affiliation, your cell number and/or email address, your voice section (if you know) and send it right away to me through our GLP yahoo groups. Once we have received enough number of members, we will call an initial meeting which our MW Grand Master has graciously offered to host.

Please pass this invitation to the other brethren who may be interested. The more brethren, the better."

Brother Jose "Joe" Abejo, PM
Dapitan Lodge #21


First Meeting


"The first meeting, and organizational gathering of the New Brothers of Harmony is set for Monday, August 11 at 4PM at the Heroes Hall of the Scottish Rite Temple, Taft Avenue.

After our organizational meeting, MW Boy Aniag will host a merienda-cena/dinner at the Dreemhause, right beside the Scottish Rite.

Please let this be known to other singing brethren who may be interested to join
this new Masonic Choir."

Brother Joe Abejo


Grand Honors Band

We went to RJ and watched VW John Teng and his Minuteman band. They're good.

Actually the members of Grand Honors Band were there with me and the Sis, except our drummer, Atty. Olan.

VW Billy Sumagui
Tagaytay 165

The Unofficial Band of the GLP


FilMasons NSW said...


I just joined. This is indeed a good undertaking. I have been a member of a choir and I had my best of times. I maybe not be able to practice much until after two years but I would like to attend the first get together if set for next month. I know bro Wily with one "L" sings too.

bert guiang
anacapa 710

FilMasons NSW said...

Dear WB Joe,

I am currently based in Angeles City, Pampanga but oftentimes come to Manila as my work calls for it. I am very much interested in joining our Masonic Choir. Please post necessary details that I may be able to adjust my schedules as necessary.

Thank you very much and may the GAOTU bless us and all Regular Masons.


Bro Henry A. de Castro
Jose Abad Santos Memorial Lodge 333
Clarkfield, Pampanga

FilMasons NSW said...

I am from Iligan City. Can I join?

WB Gemuel Dagaerag

FilMasons NSW said...

WB Joe,

Pleasant morning, at present I am now residing and work here in Manila and most likely will stay on for good .

I am interested in joining, May the GAOTU bless us all.

Bro Alfredo L Lupig
Tamaraw Lodge # 65
Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro

FilMasons NSW said...

Sir, I am very much interested in joining the masonic choir. I am a choir member during my elementary and high school days at U.E. and also a church choir member.

Bro. Alex Villanueva
PMERDM Lodge# 264

FilMasons NSW said...

Bro Jose,

During my youth, I am a member of choir in my school, called glee club, which every school had. I pursued it after graduating from high school as a member of a band, as a lead guitarist and a snger.I want to join sana, the only thing that holding me is the distance of my residence to Manila,considering the cost of gasoline at present. I will just support in the formation of of Brothers of Harmony. Keep up the good work. We just invite you here in our place to perform.

VW Domz Lorenzo, DGL
Pinatubo Lodge No .52, Olongapo City
Bagong Buhay Lodge No. 17