Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bud Bongao Lodge No 288 Newly Elected Officers 2009-2010


I am pleased to inform you the following are the newly elected
officers of BUD BONGAO LODGE NO 288 MY 2009-2010:

Worshipful Master - Abduljim Hassan
Senior Warden - Abdulkadil Jawadil
Junior Warden - Aldrin Ibbo
Secretary - Sani Uttoh
Treasurer - Abdulwahab Tamburani
Auditor - Edgar Quinte

Bud Bongao Lodge No. 288, MD RIXC
Capitol Hills, Bongao


Our heartfelt congratulations to our brethren in the South, especially to the WM elect Bro Hassan and all newly elected officers of Bud Bongao Lodge No 288!

Pinoy Masons Worldwide

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